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Thursday, December 01, 2011

Sitting Back in Anger

There are those that do then there are those that...well, that just sit there shrugging their shoulders not giving a toss.

There is a global problem with children being prescribed mind-altering drugs, in fact the increase in drug prescriptions stranglely does not run concurrent with the increase in apparent mental disorders. The drugs, the system, is being manipulated.

Put a bunch of children on courses of powerful antipsychotics, chances are their reactions to them will mimic the traits of a depressive or someone who shows a lack of interest. Solution? Feed them more drugs.

The term "chemical cosh" has been used by many people to describe these drugs, they whip the child into submission - Go and sit in the corner and be quiet, I'm not putting up with your tantrums today.

It's all well and good writing blogs about this problem or posting videos to Twitter and Facebook, chances are that only a small number of people on friend lists will retweet or share on the social networking websites. People these days seem more moved by a dog being mistreated or a cat being thrown into a bin by a passer-by. There's public outrage [and rightly so] at seals being clubbed to death or secretly filmed videos of animals being mistreated by the travelling circus. I've seen campaigns on Facebook that range from the ridiculous to the sublime and seen grown adults post links to the various games on Facebook, "You have been invited to play Mafia Wars." Hey, each to their own, whatever gets you through the day, I'm not knocking the fact that you wish to escape from reality, we all need that escapism at some point in our lives.

There are far too many shoulder shruggers, The why should it bother me, my kids are fine type. Sometimes we, as adults, have to step out of our own bubbles to see the true state of humanity. Yeh, it sucks, it's depressing and why should we take on other people's problems when we have so much crap in our own lives?

Nice take on life folks.

There are those that do then there are those that sit back and watch those that do. "You are doing great work", "Thanks for highlighting this", "Thanks for posting, I'll read after I have planted the seeds in my garden on Farmville."

I'm of the opinion that the people that highlight these stories about the ever-increasing drugging of children do not want the thanks, they'd much prefer people to do something about it. Recognition is nice but what is it worth if your message gets lost amidst the back-slapping and high fives? By all means thank those that highlight these stories but please remember what you are thanking them for then ask yourself what you can do about the reason why you thanked them.

There is a trend for those that do, they never stop at one story, they continue to highlight the plight of children being drugged because they know they have to. Repetition is the key.

Next, we have the haters. Those people that just don't like to see good triumph over evil, the anonymous knuckleheads who are so hellbent on discrediting that they fail to realise that they are no better than the white-coated buffoons that hand out these drugs, the pharmaceutical companies that manufacture them and the independent bodies that, apparently, regulate them.

Yesterday saw me join a bunch of folk for a demonstration in my hometown of Birmingham. It was to protest against the use of ECT, otherwise known as Electroconvulsive therapy. Two incidents that struck me were thus:

Scene: Standing outside Maple House where there was a symposium for psychiatrists who were gathered to discuss the benefits of ECT.

A psychiatrist, who bore a striking resemblance to comedian Billy Connolly, came outside for a cigarette break, he couldn't help but look in the direction of the protesters as we were only about 5 yards away from him. He, like so many before him, had the usual smirk on his face, the patronising kind that suggests that he knows best. He looks toward our direction and says, "So, I hear you are Scientologists", then exhaled cigarette smoke in one of those laughing fashions. "Well, I'm not", I replied. His bottom lip quivered, he shuffled, shrugged his shoulders and eventually said, "Good for you." Hey great Mr Psychiatry man, if you are going to make a broad statement toward a crowd then, at the very least, have some form of defence if you are wrong. Then again, they do like to label people eh?

Scene: Standing around the corner from Maple House holding a banner.

A member of the public stops and asks me what ECT stands for. I explain and he shakes his head before coming back with, "I thought they stopped doing that in the age of the witch.". He then walked away, hopefully better educated for that brief minute we spoke.

Two incidents, two very contrasting points of view.

One has to throw a stone to get the pool to ripple, I do my bit and many other bloggers out there do the same. The Citizen's Commission on Human Rights [CCHR] have been doing it for many years, their stones being boulders. They don't stop at isolated cases, they add more coal to the fire because the train track is never ending, boy, do I know that feeling.

This post isn't about singing the praises of CCHR, they pretty much know how I feel about their organisation. This post is one that wishes to tap into the conscience of those that feel that there IS a problem but there isn't much they can do about it. They are wrong, they need to start making the pool ripple because psychiatry, the pharmaceutical industry, medicine regulators and those haters will continue to induce harm to children around the world.




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