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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Who Are You?

It appears the World Health Organisation [WHO] took an interest in myself and Ablechild this morning. Quite what they are looking for is unknown, unless of course they are pissed off that Ablechild will be appearing on CNN this weekend or that I've been covering the media interest that's surfaced over the past week or so?

They seemed to be pretty interested in the Seroxat/Paxil withdrawal guidance I have available for download, will they be endorsing it for me or perhaps offering an alternative? They should ask GlaxoSmithKline for their withdrawal protocol, or perhaps they should ask the MHRA for a list of SSRi withdrawal specialists they claim exist.

I've wrote to the MHRA again asking them to list all the SSRi experts and if those experts are available on the NHS. Ironically, the MHRA paid a visit to my blog about a minute before the World Health Organisation.

You see, the MHRA have devised an SSRi Learning Module for doctors in the UK, it's basically a module of buck-passing and looks, to me at least, as if it was ghost-written by the pharmaceutical industry.

If I wanted to withdraw safely from an addictive drug the last people I would turn to would be an agency that is wholly funded by the pharmaceutical industry, particularly when that drug is GlaxoSmithKline's Seroxat and particularly when that agency [MHRA] have a Chairman [Alasdair Breckenridge] who is a former employee of the Seroxat manufacturer and whose Head of Licensing [Ian Hudson] is former World Safety Officer at Seroxat's manufacturers and whose former Senior Medical Officer [Rashmi Shah] is now a paid expert witness for Seroxat's manufacturer in UK litigation .

It appears to me that these mystical SSRi withdrawal specialists that the MHRA refer to in their SSRi Learning Module, actually don't exist, they are passing the buck to someone...or something that is not answerable.

So, I'm left wondering why the World Health Organisation would appear on my page this morning, a minute or so after it is visited by the MHRA?

Are they going to tell me that I should not offer out withdrawal guidance or are they concerned that the MHRA's SSRi Learning Module is, like their Yellow Card Reporting System, deeply flawed?

Time will tell.

I'm still waiting for an answer from the MHRA, it wasn't a Freedom of Information request so it should only take them a couple of days...even though I sent the email on the 28th November!


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