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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Does my MP have what it takes?

Here is an email I have just sent to my MP, Gisela Stuart.

Dear Gisela

On the 18th June 2007 a meeting was held with the Seroxat Users Group and Lord Hunt. Minutes of the meeting have now been posted via the Seroxat Weblog page and I have attached them for your perusal.

Reading through it, it seems Lord Hunt has made many promises. Only time will tell if Hunt sticks to these promises.

A point of interest though is the fact that Hunt has said that the MHRA's investigation into GSK WILL be made public. Now call me cynical but what's the betting that much of the 'report' will be undisclosed because of some rule that the MHRA invent so the public cannot see the truth?

You may like to know that the Seroxat Sufferers site has now reached in excess of over 23,000 hits.

After almost of three years of asking you, I think it's about time you said something in the house about Seroxat, GSK and the MHRA don't you Gisela?

Your constituent

Mr Bob Fiddaman

Seroxat Sufferers


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