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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

GlaxoSmithKline target the young again!!!

Hey GlaxoSmithKline are going all hip.

Snazzy backgrounds, hip kinda music, games, video comics ...and WOW!! What a great play on words for Asthma sufferers - 'Battle of the Bronchs'

Does anyone else find this sick?

Jesus! We used to go to our docs, get prescribed the pill, take the pill... and think no more. Now, it seems, Pharma need to push the pills with sugar coated advertisements and games that attract the vulnerable.

Disgusting Glaxo.

PS - Your site sucks, the music is like something from Starsky & Hutch.

For those wishing to see this sickening promotion visit

The disclaimer claims the site is suitable for people aged 18 and over - The imagery and hip layout would suggest otherwise.

Naughty GlaxoSmithKline - surely this is breaking some sort of ethical code?


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