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Monday, July 30, 2007

Anonymous post on the cafepharma board

This site seems to be getting a lot of mentions on the board, mainly due to video's I post on here from time to time.

One post in particular made me sit up.

It's powerful and aimed at GSK's drugs reps (scum in my books)

I've corrected the spelling mistakes for convenience.

Here it is:


Does Money Blind you so to the reality of what your corporation gets away with?

Avandia - Heart Attacks
Paxil - Suicide and Homicide
Myodil - Crippling nerve damage
Ribena - Lies and false advertising
Inhuman testing methods on orphans without consent!
Overpricing AIDS Drugs!
Environmental damage!
Delaying generics!
Corporate manslaughter
Illegal off label practices
Deceptive advertising

The list goes on and on!

Wake UP!

Of course You want to believe that you make miracle drugs and that you are helping people! Well tell me what drugs GSK make that actually save lives? What lives do you save to counter act the ones you take away? GSK makes primarily consumer crap like toothpaste and lucozade !!!

You can fool yourself into thinking what you like but the truth is GSK Make crap and harmful drugs!And being a drug rep ,you have been used as a pawn in a money making machine! That's the reality! Wake up to it!!!

Your conscience will catch up with you some day!

And if it doesn't then KARMA will!!!

Wake UP !!!

Have You no conscience????


GSK could possibly be responsible for the deaths and injuries of hundreds of thousands if not millions of people! WAKE UP !

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