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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mothers of Paxil

Toledo, OH: Kristie Crayne started taking Paxil in 2000 and stayed on it during her pregnancy. Her daughter Megan was born in 2001. "I met other Moms' in the hospital who had also taken Paxil," says Crayne. "None of us knew Paxil caused birth defects. When you are sitting together in NICU you talk about how you are coping with a sick baby. 'I love that pink pill,' other mothers told me; 'It helps me get through this.' We didn't know ..." (FULL STORY)

Concord, NH: "Every time I saw my Ob/Gyn during my pregnancy, I asked if it was safe to be taking Paxil, and every time he said there were absolutely no risks," says Tanya Barnes. But Tanya doesn't blame the doctor -- he was also kept in the dark about Paxil. "Paxil didn't mention anything about possible birth defects." (FULL STORY)

Batavia, IL: "I took Paxil for two months before I knew I was pregnant," says Shae Conlin. "My daughter lived for one hour until she passed away in my husband's arms." (FULL STORY)

Toledo, OH: " In 2004, my wife took Paxil during the first trimester of her pregnancy," says Roy Gueldenzoph. "Two days after our daughter was born, our doctor gave us two options: do nothing and she dies, or get her to a heart specialist immediately. We opted for the latter." (FULL STORY)

Omaha, NE: "My wife took Paxil before and during her pregnancy and everything was fine," says Trever Hargitt. "This was going to be our third so we knew what to expect -- or thought we did..." Keagan Hargitt lived only three short weeks due to heart and lung failure. "Now we will never know what our son could have grown up to be." (FULL STORY)

Watertown, SD: "Several months after my son Nathan passed away, I started to do a lot of research on PPHN and discovered there was a link between Paxil and the birth defects he had," says Jennifer Berg. "I felt sick, I felt it was my fault." (FULL STORY)

Rutherfordton, NC: "To the makers of Paxil I want to ask this: how you can live with yourselves, when you know that Paxil can cause heart and lung defects and PPHN in babies?" says Wendy Tinsley. "For five months we didn't know if our son was going to survive." (FULL STORY)

Whitby, ON: Due to a bad car accident in 1998 that led to depression and anxiety, Lisa Goring was prescribed Paxil. She became pregnant in 2001 and her doctor said it was safe to stay on this SSRI. Most doctors today know otherwise. (FULL STORY)

Austin, TX: Susie Collins and her husband were thrilled when they found out she was pregnant. But their happiness was shortlived: after an ultrasound, Susie regretted having taken Paxil during her pregnancy. (FULL STORY)

Kentucky:" The doctors told us it was a miracle that our son is alive," said Stephen Buchanan. Kaden was born in May 2004 but Stephen only recently found out about the link between his son's heart defects and Paxil. (FULL STORY)

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