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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

I want to help the MHRA...

...Investigate GlaxoSmithKline. Call it a Christmas present if you will. They (MHRA) have been investigating GlaxoSmithKline now for 4 years so I think they need a little help.

This post goes out to Kent Woods, I shall be emailing him and others to point him in the direction of the documents that should help them come to a decision.

Firstly, we have a document that shows what GSK really think about Seroxat for children.


Next up an article that shows GSK Sales Reps whom were told NOT to Divulge Seroxat Data


If this hasn't whet your appetite Mr Woods then perhaps the following may help?

Here we have an article that shows how GlaxoSmithKline staff were told not to publicise ineffectiveness of its drug.

Or maybe GlaxoSmithKline's release studies showing suicide and hostility may help speed up the MHRA investigation?


Your counterparts in the USA, the FDA, have warned about the dangers of withdrawal on Seroxat - maybe YOU should warn members of the British public Mr Woods? You are after all supposed to safeguard the public from these types of things aren't you?

Maybe, you didn't see the Panorama specials on GlaxoSmithKline concealing data Mr Woods, or maybe you did but just plain refused to accept that one of the MHRA's funders could do such a thing? Maybe the fact that you have two ex GlaxoSmithKline employees sitting on the MHRA is enough to make you believe that YOU are right and the public outcry is nothing more than scaremongering by investigative journalist Shelly Jofre? Here's a brief summary for you to read Mr Woods.

You getting all this Kent?

Am I being helpful Kent?

Maybe you would like to take some of Charles Medawars comments on board Mr Woods? I particularly liked his 'What they have done is just despicable' comment - Do you have anything to add Mr Woods?

Maybe you would like to see how GSK paid a Dr to promote Seroxat Mr Woods? You come down pretty hard of fake drugs being sold don't you Kent? Why don't you come down on GlaxoSmithKline for selling this drug - it clearly does not mention the host of side-effects one can get whilst on it now does it Kent? Do you believe Martin Keller was right? Take a look HERE and let me know Kent.

I hope these documents and articles may help you progress your investigation into GlaxoSmithKline Kent. If I can be of more assistance please do not hesitate to ask. I have no affiliations with GlaxoSmithKline and will not hide anything from you.

Meantime, I wish all at the MHRA a very merry Christmas... especially you Mr Woods

Finally Kent, I'd like you to take a good, long hard look at the following video - it's only 4 minutes long (approx) - I'm sure you can find time, it has after all taken you four years to get where you are in the current GlaxoSmithKline investigation. Take a look Kent.

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