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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Omaha Shootings... Antidepressants to blame?

Last night in Omaha, Nebraska, 19-year-old Robert Hawkins killed himself and eight other people with an assault rifle. Do we blame the gun laws in America for not being stringent enough or is there another underlying problem that the mainstream press seem to merely graze over when reporting murders of this kind?

Hawkins was fired from his job at a McDonald's this week and had recently broken up with a girlfriend. She said he phoned her at about 1 pm. Wednesday, telling her he had left a note.

In the note, which was turned over to authorities, Hawkins wrote that he was "sorry for everything" and would not be a burden on his family anymore. He eerily added, "Now I'll be famous."

The press have only touched on the fact that Hawkins was on antidepressants, as yet I don't know what specific antidepressants he was on. Obviously, as in all these types of killings there are other mitigating circumstances but one thing they all seem to have in common is that the killer/s is either on or has a history of antidepressant use.

Sceptics, Pharmaceutical Companies and in general those who have a conflict of interest with Pharma, ie funded mental health charities and the MHRA, would simply brush aside this common link, touting the conspiracy theory or Scientologist label at anyone who suggested that the actual antidepressant may have been the cause of tipping the killer over the edge. One cannot argue that there is a history here of young adult males, who are on antidepressant medication, who suddenly turn from placid characters into homicidal maniacs.

Pharma et al have a strong case in as much as the killer/s maybe had a history of abuse or been arrested for various crimes – an unstable upbringing etc.

Hawkins was fired from his job at McDonalds – Would this make him want to kill himself and eight others?

He had recently broke up with his girlfriend – Maybe this would want to make him go out and commit this heinous crime?

Let's put ourselves in his shoes.

Have you ever been fired from a job?

Did this make you want to go out, obtain an assault rifle and gun down innocent bystanders before turning the gun on yourself?

I'm sure the majority of readers on here have broke up with past girlfriends/boyfriends – yeh its tough, heart wrenching even... but enough to make you want to go out and murder and commit suicide?

Hawkins isn't the first person to have lost his job nor the first to have lost his girlfriend. He also isn't the first to be on antidepressant medication who has murdered.

Before I turn your attention to a list from Ssri Stories website I'd like you to ask yourselves whether this is merely coincidental or if Pharma et al do indeed have a cause for argument.

In 2005 reported that Eli Lilly had full knowledge of a 1200% increase in suicide risk for takers of their Prozac drug, a popular anti-depressant SSRI medication.

In 2006, the same website reported the results of a study published in the Archives of General Psychiatry showing that teens taking antidepressant drugs are more likely to commit suicide (and to be "successful" at completing the act).

On September 11, 2006, reported on the link between antidepressant drugs and violent behavior yet again.

The very next day, they published a report about the anti-depressant drug Seroxat doubling the risk of violent behavior.

In April of this year, they also reported on the link between antidepressant drugs and the Virginia Tech shooting.

Seroxat Secrets also has wrote about the history of school shootings here

SSRI drugs, such as Seroxat have never been safety approved by the FDA or MHRA for use on children or teens. How then do our children get their hands on these kind of drugs? More importantly, why are they given these types of drugs?

How? They go to see their GP who either does not know about the dangers or has been wined and dined by pharmaceutical reps to 'push' the drug.

Why? Because Pharmaceutical Company employ and train reps. Brainwashing them in what they are doing is perfectly legal. Morals is a word that you won't find touted by any pharmaceutical rep. How could they possibly know the meaning of the word?

As I sit and type this draft there are thousands of pharmaceutical reps selling their wares to gullible health centres and family practitioners. With each sale comes blood money that is their commission. We all have a right to make money but who do we hear banging the drum loudly when fake drugs are being sold via the Internet? Who can quickly shut down a website selling fake Viagra tablets, obesity tablets or hair loss tablets? Prof. Kent Woods, CEO of the MHRA here in the UK takes the plaudits for acting quickly in shutting these sites down, saving Pharma millions of pounds in the process. Why isn't he quick off the rails when it comes to cracking the whip when it comes to antidepressant use in young adults here in the UK? Why? Because the sites he chooses to close down don't fund the MHRA. Pharma DO!

As the CEO of the MHRA he surely has input into the current 4 year investigation into GlaxoSmithKline regarding them not providing data that showed Seroxat should NEVER be prescribed to minors. 4 years! 48 months! 1,460 days! 35,063 hours! 2,103,795 minutes! 126,227,704 seconds! How much longer do they need? As each minute passes by another child pops a pill, another prescription is wrote, another chance that a child will lose their innocence of childhood.

Mark my words. It won't be long before the UK has its own school massacre and this won't be solely down to guns spilling into the country, it will be because the MHRA weren't quick enough to act – then the questions will be asked, then Prof. Kent Woods will hang his head in shame at his incompetence.

This government need a severe, short, sharp shock to kick them into action and disband the MHRA. I fear it will come in the form of innocent children losing their lives to someone on antidepressant medication.


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