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Saturday, December 08, 2007

SSRi's and the Scientology label

OK, it's about time this was brought to the surface.

It seems anyone who dares to speak out against SSRi's are labelled a Scientologist. My beleif and a beleif of many others is that this is yet antother defelction tactic used by Pharma.

Scientology isn't a mainstream religion so I guess it's an easy target for people to ridicule. Nutters, a cult, off their heads, brainwashed are just a few of the tags thrown around when Hubbard or Scientology is mentioned.

Tom Cruise, John Travolta, nutters?

Scientology speak out against SSRi's, in my book that can only be a good thing. The Catholic church should be speaking out too and even Islam. They have the clout so why not use it.

I'm not a Scientologist, even though I have been accused of being one. They get a bad rap but you don't see them knocking on your door asking you to buy magazines professing to tell you the truth do you?

First rule of defence is to discredit.

The Scientology tag is thrown around way too much for my liking, an easy target you see and one that I am utterly convinced Pharma are behind.

Isn't the 'auditing' Scientologists do a form of clearing those demons that bring you down (depression) - It's no wonder they are bad mouthed by Pharma and it's supporters. They are quite literally taking away the chance for Pharma to make big bucks from patients popping pills (addictive ones at that)

I'm not a religious person - spiritual maybe. I have no God, no beleif system, no faith.

If Scientologists bang the drum about the dangers of SSRi's then, for me, they are far from 'nutters'

The 'nutters' are the ones who actually beleive that Pharmaceutical Companies have the patients health at heart.


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