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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What is the benefit of Seroxat, gentlemen?

Matthew Holford goes Gung-ho on the MHRA

I was copied in on one of Matthew's emails to the MHRA. So good that I asked him if I could publish it on here. Matt has also done a little background synopsis for you all. His email backs the MHRA into a corner - much like his Freedom of Information requests to them. They won't respond to him anymore - I don't think they liked the questions he was asking... either that or they didn't like to give him answers as it would have shown them up for the incompetent bunch of prats that they so obviously are.

Here is Matt's rant:

With luck, I have managed to convey at least several years' worth of invective into these few short paras. I would have liked to think that the MHRA had been so wrapped up in it's science, that it had lost sight of the fact that it was serving (British) humanity. But it's been told that there is a problem, here, and it has the arrogance to either not respond, at all, or to respond by saying that there isn't a problem, or that the problem is acceptable, given the benefits. What benefits? Come on, don't stammer, boy! What benefits?

The fact is, I gave the MHRA ample opportunity to demonstrate to me, in as much detail as it felt inclined to go into, just how efficient it was; just how determined to do the job right it was. It chose instead to evade, and to eventually abandon the discussion, having apparently never intended to reach any kind of resolution, or understanding, between us. Why would that be? Because I'm a stupid guy, who doesn't understand how excellent the Worshipful Company is? That must be the case - I'll go back to being a dumbass, then, which requires that I ask lots of really detailed questions, such that I can understand that which is so complex that the MHRA can't be bothered to explain it to me.

The email, below, is for every person who ever tried to understand what was happening to them, as they flailed around, seeking answers, only to be told that the hot poker that was being stuffed up their arse was actually for their own benefit, and not for the gratification of the stuffer. Professors Woods and Breckenridge, you are shit, in my opinion. You are shit, because you won't listen, and you won't explain. You are shit, because you believe that people don't deserve your time. You are shit, because you believe that all of that is completely normal, and appropriate. Well, welcome to my world.


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From: Matthew Holford
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Cc: ; Shailesh Vara
Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2007 12:49 PM
Subject: I think you need to understand something, although I'm not quite sure what that thing is...

Gentlemen, You would have to care to read this:

and then you may understand how very angry we are. This is not just about the drugs, although, you can take your snake oil remedies and your quackery, and stick it up the hole in your culture. Do you understand? Your smug denials, and your claims that "everything is OK, really," go way beyond arrogance. The only reason that I can think of, for you not comprehending that something is wrong (and something is wrong, because many people have told you so), and responding accordingly, is because you are motivated to ignore the signs. Are you being paid to do this, or are you just incompetent? Either way, you appear to have lost every last vestige of humanity that was ever granted to you.

What is the benefit of Seroxat, gentlemen? I already know the answer to this question, so there is no need to respond, but I suggest that you establish the benefit for yourself. Because you have refused to do your jobs, we have had to fill the gaps, and the sheer number of gaps appears to demonstrate just how badly you've done your jobs. I should congratulate you for managing to convince anybody that you are expert.

Best regards

Matthew Holford

PS Please note that this message is essentially for the benefit of those blind copied on it, rather than you.

You can read more of Matt's correspondence with the MHRA on his excellent blog, 'It's Quite An Experience'

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