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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nofreelunch-UK "me too" Pharma Site

Now doctors are fighting back against Pharma. I just love the logo on their site... do you think they are insinuating something here?

We are the British arm of a international organisation seeking to change the current relationship between the health professions and the pharmaceutical industry. This relationship is based on hospitality and patronage which is unknown and undeclared to the general public. Without action we will continue with the relentless medicalisation of society and further erode our collective sense of well being.

We ask doctors, nurses and other health professionals to take "the pledge" and distance themselves from the pharmaceutical industry . In the UK we are campaigning for complete transparency through a public register of all contact, hospitality and payments received by health professionals from the industry.Most in the profession support a register

The Pledge:

"I, __________________, am committed to practicing medicine in the best interest of my patients and on the basis of the best available evidence, rather than on the basis of advertising or promotion. I therefore pledge to accept no money, gifts, or hospitality from the pharmaceutical industry; to seek unbiased sources of information and not rely on information disseminated by drug companies; and to avoid conflicts of interest in my practice, teaching, and/or research."

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