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Thursday, January 17, 2008

GP From Hereford wins Seroxat Sufferers Dumbass Award!

Now I've known some stubborn imbeciles in my life - Kent Woods of the MHRA springs to mind but this so called Doctor from Hereford, UK really takes the biscuit. To say that he is stuck in the dark ages would be an understatement, to suggest that he is stuck up his own arse would be closer to the mark!

As a patient one expects to at least be heard by the doctor they are speaking with, one expects an understanding when explaining to a doctor whatever it is they happen to be feeling.

One such patient was 'Angie', who phoned her surgery to ask for her usual repeat prescription of Seroxat and also asked if it would be possible to go onto the liquid suspension form. She got the usual nonsensical remarks from the surgery receptionist (Why do these glorified office workers think they have the right make comments on peoples illnesses?) After explaining to the receptionist, although it baffles me why Angie would have to do this!, she was told that a duty doctor would call her back.

About an hour or so later he rang, Angie explained to him that it was difficult reducing and having an accurate dose each day, as she was having to cut the 20mg tablet in half - 10, then try and cut the other half into 5mg, then shave 0.5/1 mg again off that. SHAVE! Yes you read correctly, this poor woman was having to shave her Seroxat tablets - this is not unheard of but I thought we had gone past this stage now - I honestly thought there were doctors qualified enough to realise that any patient of theirs needing to shave a tablet had serious withdrawal problems.

Step forward Dr A Heal - Oh the irony of his surname. He told Angie that he had never heard of anyone reducing by such small amounts, and she was prolonging the agony by reducing in this way. Angie went on to remind him of her withdrawal two years ago, under the supervision of a partner of his, and of how ill she had been, and had learnt that the only way of doing this safely, and lessen the withdrawal effects was to go slowly.

He went on to tell Angie that he was the doctor, and he had had conversations with psychotherapists, who all agree that it is the "usual" to go from 20 mg-15-10-5 then off, and as he knew better than Angie, then she should do as he says!

What a pompus arse! HE is the doctor and his patient should do as HE says!

Well Dr A. Heal of Sarum House Surgery, Castle Street, Hereford let me now tell YOU as a public servant what YOU should listen to.

How dare you suggest that it is the 'usual' to drop from whatever dosage. What scientific paper claims that?

If a patient is suffering withdrawal from Heroin addiction would you tell them it is the 'usual' to drop from a certain dosage to another? There is no 'usual' Dr Heal - surely you should know that each patient that walks through your door has a different pain threshold level!

I pity the patients of Sarum House Surgery if they walk into Dr Heal's office suffering from an addiction/withdrawal.

May I suggest you read up on Seroxat and NOT ask psyhcotherapists!

Psychotherapists work with individuals on a one to one basis - because each individual is different. YOU should take note Dr Heal. Work with your patients on a one to one basis and don't ever assume that they should listen to YOU because YOU are a doctor for crying out loud!

You may have done your training in obstetrics and gynaecology, psychiatry, paediatrics and internal medicine but you left your compassion at the door.

From this end Seroxat Sufferers would like to present you with the Dumbass award - you are in good company.

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