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Monday, January 14, 2008

KENT WOODS CEO of The MHRA 'Ignorance is Bliss'

Well Prof. Kent Woods, CEO of the MHRA has already told me via email that he/MHRA have nothing further to add regarding the safety of Seroxat in adults. I've offered to help the MHRA investigate GlaxoSmithKline, I think they are vast approaching their fifth year now? Their excuse? They have over a million documents to trawl through, pretty much the amount of pages I have trawled through in less than a year Kent! And I am only one, YOU have a whole fucking team of 'experts' behind you!

Well it seems Woods is just a stubborn man, he does not want to be proved wrong, he does not want his image tarnished by the likes of a patient/sufferer with a grievance. Maybe, he just does not like to be told what to do?

I am not the only one astounded by his lack of understanding.

Janne Larsson has also felt the need to write to Kent Woods regarding his lack... or rather the MHRA's lack of due care and attention to the ADHD drug, Strattera. Janne's letter gives updated information about the harmful effects of the ADHD drug Strattera.

Janne tells Kent Woods 'For the years 2004-2006 there have been 31,835 adverse reactions for Strattera reported to the FDA (where Strattera was the primary suspect drug) in 9,250 individual cases (with duplicate reports excluded) [2]. This puts Strattera as number three among most reported psychiatric drugs.'

Janne goes on to tell Kent Woods ' Despite "compelling evidence" for a causal association between Strattera and treatment emergent symptoms of psychosis or mania – no action by the MHRA

Is all this beginning to sound like Déjà vu ?

Here we have a campaigner with hard evidence who is being ignored by the CEO of the MHRA whose promise, on their webpage, is - "…we take any necessary action to protect the public promptly if there is a problem.

I'd just love to know how Kent Woods and the MHRA define the word 'Promptly'

Promptly = four and a half years investigating GSK.

Janne's full letter can be downloaded HERE

The letter should embarrass Woods - then again reality has to dawn on someone before they know they are wrong. Stubbornness is standing in the way of Woods making any decisions, that and the fact that as CEO of the MHRA he has finances to think of - if he were to speak out against Pharma the MHRA could forfeit the funding they receive off them.

Do us ALL a favour Kent - RESIGN

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