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Friday, January 18, 2008

Effectiveness Of Antidepressants Questioned

Well this story has hit the news lately, it don't surprise me.

Interesting article here

...Doctors from the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center compared the results of published studies on antidepressants with the results of unpublished studies. They found that published studies were overwhelmingly favorable, with 94 percent reporting positive effects of the drugs.

...In contrast, 96 percent of unpublished studies found questionable or no benefits to antidepressants.

...Researchers said that this bias is common in medicine -- drug companies are more interested in publishing positive findings, and medical journals prefer to publish research that demonstrates a treatment benefit.

... Paxil and Celexa both had roughly equal amounts of positive and negative findings, while studies on Prozac and Effexor were much more positive than negative.

I bet this study was NOT endorsed by GSK, The MHRA or the FDA

Get you finger out of your ass Prof. Kent Woods or move over and let someone else take control!

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