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Friday, January 18, 2008

For GlaxoSmithKline and all other manufacturers of antidepressants...

... your stranglehold on the public is coming to an end.

Antidepressant results skewed, report says

Effectiveness Of Antidepressants Questioned

Drug Makers Accused Of Withholding Trial Results

Antidepressant Studies Suppressed? (Includes Audio)

US: Antidepressants Under Scrutiny Over Efficacy

One Third of Antidepressant Studies Never Published

Negative or Positive Trial Results?

Antidepressant Makers Accused Of Misleading Docs, Consumers

Antidepressants' benefits may be exaggerated

Antidepressant Studies Exaggerate Their Effectiveness

Pharmaceutical Companies Often Do Not Publish Negative Results From Clinical Trials of Antidepressants, Study Finds

Antidepressants: Beware the File-Drawer Effect

The Drugs Don't Work

Effectiveness of antidepressants exaggerated

Selective Reporting Of Antidepressant Trials Exaggerates Drug Effectiveness, Report Finds

Depressing research not published

Antidepressant Trials Are Selectively Reported, Study

Effectiveness of Antidepressants Greatly Exaggerated

Antidepressants: They’re not as effective as we’re told after researchers suppress the ‘bad’ studies

Report: Studies revealing negative drug results are not printed

Anti-depressant trials with adverse results left off journals, study finds

Drug Companies Cut Corners Again

Efficacy of antidepressants overstated, research finds

A happy face on antidepressants?

Unfavorable drug studies don't get into print

Antidepressant Studies Unpublished

Antidepressants fall short in journal study

Picture of Antidepressants Too Rosy?

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