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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An open letter to Andrew Witty... Top Dog at GSK

Dear Mr. Witty,

Welcome to GSK, it's been a while but I feel i must congratulate you on your appointment as the 'Top Dog' at GSK. You have quite a reputation to live up to with your predecessor, Jean Paul... [ahem] Pierre, Garnier.

First of all Mr. Witty, you have my commiserations. Old JP left you right in the brown stuff didn't he? He must be so embarrassed at his failure...I'm sure the payoff softened the blow though.

Now, Mr. Witty, let's move on to matters at hand. Let's talk about Seroxat, the drug your company manufacture/manufactured and bestowed on the public.

Are you aware Mr. Witty that your company manufactured a drug that completely ruined my life? Are you aware that GSK's Seroxat is STILL being prescribed to children because of the failure of your company to issue stringent warnings to doctors that Seroxat SHOULD NEVER be given to children or people under a certain age? What is that age Andy? Do you know without reaching for guidance from your clinical psychiatry unit at GSK?

Are you aware of the withdrawal problems your drug is causing Mr. Witty? Do you think we are all liars and have some form of a re-occurring depression Mr.Witty?

How long have you been top dog at GSK Andrew? Are you cleaning up the mess old JP left behind? Want to make a statement about Seroxat? Do you want to tell your consumers the benefit of taking Seroxat as opposed to the risks?

Do you want to come clean about the Paxil 329 study or can you live with JP's opinion that your company did nothing wrong? Do you have children Mr. Witty, would you allow your children to pop a Seroxat tablet?

Did your office smell of excrement when you took over from JP? Was it fumigated, was the wallpaper stripped because the stench was unbearable Andy?

Your company have been hiding facts haven't they Mr. Witty?

How would you like to meet with me? We can share a coffee at Starbucks and you can sit there and patronise me for half an hour or so. You can spin the same crap that your spokespersons spin when commenting about a fatality due to the drug that you manufacture.

You have been awfully quiet regarding the Seroxat issue Andrew, does it not matter to you that the company you represent manufacture defective drugs? They are defective don't you think Mr. Witty?

Do you want to explain to the thousands of people that have suffered at the hands of your drug, Seroxat, that it is their illness causing the problem and not your drug?

You have an opportunity to clear the stench from GSK HQ Mr. Witty, quite how you can endure the smell that old JP left behind impresses me Andy.

I never thought there could be anyone as stubborn and ignorant as JP Garnier when it comes to the Seroxat issue. You are amazing, you haven't once came out in the public eye to speak about it.

What drives you Andrew? Are you in this purely for the monetary gain or do you plan to make changes for the benefit of your consumers?

Do you wish to sit down with me Andrew? Do you wish to sit there and listen to my personal withdrawal hell?

Come talk to me Mr. Witty. I can tell you exactly where you are going wrong and why Seroxat is your Achilles heel.

The truth will always out Andrew, you have an opportunity to advance that truth... if you have the courage to do so that is.

Talk to me Mr. Witty. Your company's lawyers have my address.


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