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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Dr Martin Scurr - Daily Mail - Dumbass Award.

There are some doctors who just haven't got a clue when it comes to handing out advice regarding Seroxat, some of these doctors are in the public eye [TV, Newspaper columns etc]. One such doctor is Dr Martin Scurr who writes a Q&A section in the Daily Mail.

Scurr was recently contacted by an 83 year old depressive whom was enquiring about a lightbox or sunshine lamp for seasonal affective disorder [S.A.D.]

Scurr's response is jaw dropping. You can view it here. Meantime, I have selected his thoughts [advice] on Seroxat.

"You're already taking a good anti-depressant medicine and I am sorry you do not feel happier."

"You cannot conclude that Seroxat has failed until you've been taking the full prescribed dose for at least six weeks. Some would argue that the level should be as high as 60mg and you should discuss your current prescription with your doctor."

What I find difficult to believe is Scurr's failing to really delve into the heart of the question from this 83 year old woman. Part of her question was, " I am 83, a depressive and take Seroxat tablets (30mg once daily) but still don't feel all that happy." Now, wouldn't it have been better if Scurr had asked her a series of questions before advising her?

May I remind Doctor Scurr that the daily recommended dose of Seroxat is 20 mg! and point him toward the MHRA website, "A review of clinical trial data on the use of paroxetine (Seroxat) in adults has confirmed that, as stated in the summary of product characteristics, 20 mg is the recommended daily dose in adults." Not only that, the MHRA also go on to say that, "There is no evidence from clinical trials that increasing the dose above the recommended dose increases efficacy", and yet here we have a doctor handing out advice that is the complete opposite to what the regulator recommends!

This really grinds my teeth. The whole crux of my meeting with the MHRA back in September was to highlight the lack of education that many doctors have when it comes to prescribing Seroxat and other SSRi's, also a lack of understanding when it comes to spotting withdrawal as opposed to the disease [Depression etc]. This shoddy advice is a classic example of the the point I was trying to make. Dr Scurr is not only wrong here, he is DANGEROUSLY wrong and for that I hereby award him the Seroxat Sufferers Dumbass Award.

Dr Scurr you are a dumbass!


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