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Saturday, December 13, 2008


Read the new book, The Evidence, However, Is Clear...The Seroxat Scandal

By Bob Fiddaman

ISBN: 978-1-84991-120-7



Glaxo accusing Lilly and Pfizer of marketing ploys?

Tell me now, because my memory is quite distorted but didn't GSK first tout Seroxat as a drug to cure shyness?

The words, pot, kettle and black spring to mind.

It's like one big game for the boys isn't it. It seems the main objective in this particular paper is to slag off Lilly and Pfizer.

The 'discontinuation syndrome' issue is downplayed time and time again in this file, rather than see this as an issue, it seems, GSK, then SKB, would rather play 'My dick is bigger than your dick' with Lilly and Pfizer.

Then we have this utter nonsense:

Discontinuation symptoms with Seroxat tend to occur with 2-5 days and resolve within 2 weeks?

Are you kidding me?

Point 6 of this paper claims: "Discontinuation events are not a major clinical issue, but are being used as a commercial smokescreen by Lilly in an attempt to retain market share"

NO GLAXO, They are being reported by patients worldwide, this has nothing to do with competition with Lilly. If anyone is using a commercial smokescreen it is YOU with this utter garbage about Seroxat discontinuation symptoms resolving themselves with 2weeks!

So, we can take it from this particular file that your reps went on the road and told doctors over dinner [dine & dash] that Seroxat was the dogs bollocks.

You knew there were discontinuation problems with Seroxat but you played them down by accusing Lilly of using a commercial smokescreen. Was that how the conversations went with your reps and doctors?

Face it Glaxo, you hoodwinked a nation, you hoodwinked my doctor, you put me through a personal hell regarding withdrawal, you also put these people through a personal hell, all because you were playing the 'big dick' game with Lilly and Pfizer.

I understand that SKB/GSK was/is a business and all businesses prime goal is to make money. Where YOU have messed up here Glaxo is by promoting and marketing a drug that has caused needless suffering. What is even more shameful is that you have sat on this information for years, meantime, patients have gone to their doctors, complained of zaps, aggression, intolerance to loud noises, suicidal thoughts, homicidal thoughts and a whole host of others. Their doctors, merely increase the dose, which in turn increases the Stirling silver for you.

You have duped the medicine regulators in the UK regarding what I like to term, the withdrawal issue on Seroxat, withdrawal as you know means dependence, dependence in turn would suggest addiction - that is the only reason you use 'Discontinuation Syndrome' isn't it Glaxo?

The game is up Glaxo. Seroxat made you an obscene amount of money, a profit of despair for hundreds of thousands of your customers. Even now, some of your customers have been free from the stranglehold of Seroxat, they still suffer. Long term use of Seroxat has never been investigated has it Glaxo? Whist you reaped the rewards we [your customers] put our faith in you. You abused that faith by turning the tables on your rivals in the Pharma sector. Your cash cow made you blind, it made you forget what medicine is all about. £££ signs drove you on, not the fact that you had manufactured a tablet to actually help people.

There are some callous people in this world, in my opinion, there are none more callous than you. Ruining people's lives and denying that you had any part in it is a despicable act, putting the onus on doctors to cover your own ass is pretty shameful too. I hope Andrew Witty reads this, I hope JP Garnier spends his retirement money [money the consumers gave him] without a conscience.

We may be the small people Glaxo, we may be David and you our Goliath but slowly and surely we are knocking down the walls of suppression, slowly but surely we are winning over the medicine regulators.

Our day will come Glaxo and the day I see you hang your heads in shame will be the day I stop writing about your unethical practices.


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