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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Books: The Blue Nowhere

I've not long finished reading a fictional novel by Jeffery Deaver called 'The Blue Nowhere', a truly outstanding read. I've been meaning to read it for some time but had others to read as they were sent to me. Alison Bass sent me a copy of book, 'Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and A Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial.' and I have promised to review it soon. Rebbekah Beddoe sent me a copy of her book, 'Dying for a Cure', and I've been helping her as she re-edits it for the British market.

It was a change to read something unrelated to antidepressants and cover-ups. 'The Blue Nowhere' is gripping. It's basically about a hacker who uses different names across the Internet so he can lure his victims to their demise . Its called "social engineering", conning somebody, pretending you're someone you're not.

Here's the blurb:

When a sadistic hacker, code-named Phate, sets his sights on Silicon Valley, his victims never know what hit them. He infiltrates their computers, invades their lives, and lures them to their deaths. To Phate, each murder is like a big, challenging computer hack: every time he succeeds, he must challenge himself anew— by taking his methodology to a higher level, and aiming at bigger targets.

Desperate, the head of The California State Police Computer Crimes Division frees Wyatt Gillette, imprisoned for hacking, to aid the investigation — against the loud protests of the rest of the division. With an obsession emblematic of hackers, Gillette fervently attempts to trace Phate's insidious computer virus back to its source. Then Phate delivers a huge blow, murdering one of the division's own — a "wizard" who had pioneered the Internet — and the search takes on a zealous intensity.

Gillette and Detective Frank Bishop — an old-school homicide cop who's accustomed to forensic sleuthing — make an uneasy team. But with a merciless and brilliant killer like Phate in their cross hairs, and his twisted game reaching a fever pitch, they must utilize every ounce of their disparate talents to stop him.

I highly recommend 'The Blue Nowhere' as I do 'Side Effects: A Prosecutor, a Whistleblower, and A Bestselling Antidepressant on Trial' and 'Dying for a Cure.'

I'm a quarter of the way through Dan Brown's 'Deception Point' now. So don't be a spoilsport and ruin the ending for me.


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