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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

OFF TOPIC. An angry rant

Firstly, I want to go on record here and state that I am not a racist, in fact I have more asian friends than I do white friends.

Tonight I have learned that British troops from the 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment returned home and paraded through the streets of Luton, Bedfordshire, UK.

These soldiers have returned from Iraq and have put their lives on the line. They will have witnessed things that the majority of us will never witness in our lifetime.

What do they come back to?

A group of Muslim protesters, waving placards with slogans such as, "Anglian Soldiers: Butchers of Basra" and "Anglian Soldiers: cowards, killers, extremists".

The British soldiers were also shouted at by this moronic minority, "Murderers", "Rapists".

Defence Secretary John Hutton said: "I can only condemn the tiny minority who used this opportunity to make, whatever their personal views, utterly ridiculous and insulting comments to these brave men and women."

Condemning their actions is not good enough. Lock them up.

Can you imagine a group of white protesters carrying placards with vile slogans on that were aimed at Muslims?

Are the Police surprised that this protest fuelled anger today?

I am appalled at this behaviour. Why on earth was this demonstration allowed? By allowing this 'demonstration' the Police were merely allowing the touch paper to be lit.

If this group of Muslims are that pissed off at British soldiers, if they are ashamed of the country that they live in, then why don't they put their money where their slogans are and go and live elsewhere!

How dare they call our soldiers cowards. I haven't heard of any British soldier walking up to an innocent whilst loaded with explosives.

Speak out against this behaviour and you are labelled a racist. What the hell is going on here in the UK?

This mindless minority should have had their placards removed along with their testicles and then should have been put on a plane and given an option of what country they wanted to defend.

I have nothing against religions, if people want to beleive in fairy tales that is up to them. What an insult to all those British soldiers that have died or lost limbs in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To make matters worse and to show just how perverse this country is, two arrests were made. The two arrested didn't particularly like what this minority were shouting and showed their anger.

What a fucked up Britain we live in!

Rant over.


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