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Thursday, February 25, 2010


I understand that this particular document has been online since Nov 2009, however, I have just learned of its existence.

We have heard of Caspper before, I wrote about it here. Basically, the objectives of Caspper were to 'strengthen the product positioning and overcome competitive issues.'

Some of the target areas for topic were:

**Anxiety disorders [eg; panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]

**Long term use of Paxil

**Use in the elderly

**SSRi use in women

** Successful management of sexual dysfunction

Quite ironic that they should target these particular topics. Long term use of Paxil has always been a grey area, in fact I don't even think GlaxoSmithKline have any answers to what damage prolonged use of Paxil can cause those taking it... if they do, then they are hiding it well.

So with Caspper all alone in the world of GSK, he needed a little friend. Step forward Isaac... or 'Initiative for Social Anxiety Assessment and Care.'

ISAAC had pretty much the same intentions of it's ghostly friend, Caspper. It's target audience was psychiatrists.

ISAAC is designed to promote physician awareness about social anxiety and its occurrence within the population. An expert advisory panel of practitioners and academicians sponsored by Duke University Medical center in conjunction with SB have created the ISAAC program.

ISAAC provides real-time, patient-specific reporting to physicians. The 4-page color report enables physicians to see assessment data on the patients emotional disability, quality of life, comorbid conditions and severity of social anxiety disorder. These data give the physician a starting point from which to initiate a discussion with the patient. Physicians receive an administrative fee payment of $100 per patient for each patient who enrolls in the program for up to 10 patients ($1000 maximum).

Saeening with ISAAC has shown to increase new prescriptions of social anxiety disorder medications, including Paxil, by u p to 20%. In addition, it enables you to build value-added relationships with your key physicians and secure future detailing visits.

To enroll your physician into ISAAC:

1. Call the ISAAC sales consultant support line at 1-800-492-0312 to obtain program materials. Enter your 5-digit employee number, followed by your 5-digit pin number, which is "PAXIL" (72945).
2. Read the color overview brochure and become familiar with the ISAAC kit components.
3. Identify and orient physicians in your territory to ISAAC using the color brochure.
4. Enroll a physician into ISAAC by faxing the completed ISAAC Physician Participation/Consent form and W-9 form to InfoMedics at 1-800-934-6760, while still in the physicians office. Remember to include your name on the form.
5. An ISAAC Program Kit will be mailed directly to the physician. InfoMedics will call you when the kit is mailed, so you can set up an ISAAC kit orientation meeting with your newly enrolled physician.
6. You can check the enrollment status of your invited physicians, or secure more ISAAC supplies by calling the ISAAC sales consultant support line at 1-800-492-0312.
7. Follow up with your physicians regularly to ensure that they are screening and enrolling patients.
Target Audience: psychiatrists

The 1999 Tactical Plan for Paxil [Seroxat] can be downloaded via the Drug Industry Document Archive (DIDA) - HERE

You will note from this screen capture of the document that the makers of Paxil had some great ideas for a big promotion push. The page, entitled, 'YOU ASKED FOR IT!', seemed to be on a mission to PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE...Even at the movies! All this, despite what we know about Paxil now... and what its makers knew about it back then, although they keep on denying this.



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