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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Teens in Birmingham Being Offered £45 in Gift Tokens To Have Cervical Cancer Jabs.


I went to my local newsagents and spied the headline of the Birmingham Evening Mail, something about teenage girls in my hometown of Birmingham being offered £45 to have the cervical vaccine jab/s.

Dangle a carrot huh?

Now I've heard of doctor's being given incentives to prescribe drugs, even key opinion leaders in the world of psychiatry paid wads of cash to hype up drugs when they haven't even looked at all the data... but patients being paid?

The NHS in north and east Birmingham are spending £22,500, paying each recipient of the vaccine in gift tokens that total £45. The tokens are from 'Love2Shop' and can be redeemed at many high street stores. [See Fig 1]

Fig 1


Sally Brooks, spokeswoman for NHS Birmingham East and North, said:

“We are committed to driving up attendances so are using a more innovative and proactive approach.

“The vaccine is given over six months in three injections.

“For each appointment, a young woman will receive gift vouchers. If she attends all three, this will amount to a possible total of £45 in Love2Shop vouchers.”

A better incentive would be to tell these young woman how long the vaccine was trialled out for and whether or not they have conclusive evidence that everything will be okay 10 or 20 years down the line. They may also want to tell them that GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturer of Cervarix, have already admitted using young girls (as young as 9 in some areas) as human Guinea Pigs in HPV vaccine Cervarix trials.

The following article by Christina England explains it all and includes an official document called 'Vaccination against Cervical Cancer' It was accompanied with a letter addressed to the Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport in the Netherlands, from the Health Council. The report outlines some very alarming points and discusses the differences between the two HPV vaccinations Cervarix and Gardasil.

The report concludes that there is no real knowledge to how long the vaccine lasts or if a booster will be needed or if in fact it does protect against cervical cancer.

If a restaurant sold you a steak and that steak gave you food poisoning, chances are you wouldn't want to eat there again. Glaxo have a history of letting out the truth if and when they want to. Rather than research the vaccine, research the company that make it.

Just some advice... and I don't want paying for it, least of all in gift vouchers.



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