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Friday, February 12, 2010



Dear all,

The following petition is for UK residents only. Each and every UK visitor to this blog should take a look at what I am about to write.

I think it is appalling that British soldiers are being charged income tax on their earnings, particularly when they are putting their lives at risk and fighting for freedom and democracy.

Our soldiers are currently paying income tax, the same income tax that was used by Members of Parliament for their 'expenses'. [See scrolling list below]

These brave souls are putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan and they SHOULD NOT have to pay income tax on their earnings.

It's a mockery and a total lack of respect for all those risking life and limb in war zones around the world.

I urge ALL readers of this blog to sign the petition and to get the government to act with immediate effect. Our government owe them, not the other way round!

The current online petition is a worthy cause.

Here's the blurb.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to recognise the contribution made by serving and retired military personnel by making the following tangible improvements:

1. All military personnel serving overseas in front line positions shall be paid free of income tax, with their NI contributions met by the MOD.

2. All other military personnel serving overseas in non front line positions shall be paid free of income tax, with their NI contributions met by the MOD, following 4 months duration in the zone of operations.

3. Retired / Injured service personnel who are no longer able to serve in the army are to be be considered on a preference basis for all civil service / local government positions (MOD or other departments).

4. Retired / injured service personnel to be automatically provided with all the benefits of old aged pensioners.

5. Retired / injured service personnel to be automatically placed at the top of all council housing lists.


If you see the name of your MP in the scrolling list below then please lobby them. The list is taken from The full list of MPs' expenses repayments.

Each and everyone on this list have used tax-payers money to claim expenses. In essence, soldiers under fire from the Taliban or those maimed by IED's or worse still, those that have died for the cause, have given the following list money to buy expenses.

If this sickens you, as it does me, then please sign the petition.

Please remember to sign then go to your email inbox and wait for the activation link.

Utrinque Paratus


Bernard Jenkin Con £63,250.00
Barbara Follett Lab £42,458.21
Peter Lilley Con £41,057.36
Julie Kirkbride Con £31,827.26
Andrew Mackay Con £31,193.00
David H-Amory Con £29,691.93
John Gummer Con £29,398.46
Liam Fox Con £24,878.27
Douglas Hogg Con £20,639.42
Alun Michael Lab £19,169.56
Ann Cryer Lab £18,241.70
Jeremy Browne Lib £17,894.24
Jon Djanogly Con £17,364.76
William Cash Con £15,269.33
Michael Spicer Con £15,109.37
James Arbuthnot Con £13,470.33
Peter Viggers Con £13,464.30
David Clelland Lab £13,401.36
Wayne David Lab £12,959.69
Gordon Brown Lab £12,888.03
Mike Hall Lab £12,639.28
Tony Baldry Con £12,197.36
Paul Clark Lab £11,915.30
Alan Meale Lab £11,859.47
Sr A Haselhurst Con £11,679.81
Alan Milburn Lab £11,600.50
Anthony Steen Con £11,211.75
Austin Mitchell Lab £10,627.07
Rosie Winterton Lab £9,972.35
Fabian Hamilton Lab £9,734.74
Colin Challen Lab £9,158.00
John Baron Con £8,821.10
Eric Joyce Lab £8,602.56
Michael Howard Con £7,039.00
Mark Hendrick Lab £6,885.70
Neil Turner Lab £6,786.08
Edward Leigh Con £6,725.94
Gillian Merron Lab £6,305.17
Michael Ancram Con £6,282.43
Andrew Murrison Con £5,525.64
Charlotte Atkins Lab £5,434.06
James Hood Lab £5,413.49
Philip Willis Lib £5,363.74
Edward O'Hara Lab £5,244.23
Owen Paterson Con £5,229.15
Michael Connarty Lab £5,181.56
Andrew Lansley Con £5,162.68
David Willetts Con £5,133.32
Joan Ryan Lab £5,121.74
Michael Lord Con £5,074.48
Marsha Singh Lab £5,026.84
Frank Field Lab £4,587.99
Bob Russell Lib £4,539.45
Gerald Kaufman Lab £4,533.69
Alan Simpson Lab £4,515.89
Ann Clwyd Lab £4,472.42
William McCrea DUP £4,450.95
Chris Bryant Lab £4,439.28
Des Turner Lab £4,407.66
Phil Hope Lab £4,365.65
Andrew George Lib £4,348.25
Don Foster Lib £4,275.74
Stephen Hesford Lab £4,256.91
Christine Russell Lab £4,127.53
Mark Prisk Con £4,125.08
Nia Griffith Lab £4,099.77
Margaret Moran Lab £4,059.86
Patrick McLoughlin Con £4,058.54
Nigel Griffiths Lab £4,005.84
Robert Wareing Ind £3,892.00
Paul Goodman Con £3,881.07
Robert Blizzard Lab £3,872.79
Edward McGrady SDLP £3,854.00
Gregory Campbell DUP £3,673.38
Colin Breed Lib £3,639.49
Derek Wyatt Lab £3,611.50
Phil Woolas Lab £3,530.86
Jim Knight Lab £3,451.67
Ben Chapman Lab £3,387.91
Patrick Mercer Con £3,372.57
Graham Allen Lab £3,341.74
Andrew Gwynne Lab £3,327.56
Simon Burns Con £3,305.76
Richard Shepherd Con £3,191.88
Clare Short Ind £3,187.94
George Galloway Res £3,187.28
Richard Y-Ross Lib £3,181.09
Crispin Blunt Con £3,077.42
Gary Streeter Con £3,074.38
Rosemary McKenna Lab £3,008.93
Martin McGuinness SF £3,000.00
Linda Gilroy Lab £2,979.33
John W Robertson Lab £2,975.00
James Plaskitt Lab £2,958.09
Anne Moffat Lab £2,873.53
Andy Burnham Lab £2,841.19
Mark Oaten Lib £2,826.94
Gerry Sutcliffe Lab £2,786.14
David Cairns Lab £2,782.30
Bill Rammell Lab £2,782.24
John Reid Lab £2,731.88
Tony Cunningham Lab £2,718.02
Mike Hancock Lib £2,674.26
Andrew Mitchell Con £2,673.33
Bill Olner Lab £2,660.43
Paul Flynn Lab £2,625.61
David Jones Con £2,624.00
Gordon Prentice Lab £2,620.95
Sandra Osborne Lab £2,612.12
David Hamilton Lab £2,595.51
William Rennie Lib £2,573.10
Jane Kennedy Lab £2,569.83
Mark Tami Lab £2,557.69
Margaret Beckett Lab £2,539.75
Ian L-Grainger Con £2,496.23
Richard Ottaway Con £2,484.47
Paul Murphy Lab £2,480.72
Roger Gale Con £2,452.47
Ivan Lewis Lab £2,449.15
Alison Seabeck Lab £2,406.65
Caroline Spelman Con £2,401.51
John Butterfill Con £2,364.13
John Healey Lab £2,354.35
Stephen Hepburn Lab £2,321.44
Greg Knight Con £2,259.99
Roger Godsiff Lab £2,224.30
Tony Lloyd Lab £2,210.00
Parmjit Dhanda Lab £2,208.28
Linda Riordan Lab £2,171.81
Peter Luff Con £2,170.34
Douglas Carswell Con £2,159.00
Damian Green Con £2,102.14
Bob Spink Ind £2,051.38
Patrick Cormack Con £2,022.00
David Davies Con £2,021.39
Huw Irranca-Davies Lab £2,008.19
Michael Fallon Con £2,000.00
Iris Robinson DUP £1,974.89
Joan Walley Lab £1,967.11
Kali Mountford Lab £1,965.79
Natascha Engel Lab £1,934.25
Ronnie Campbell Lab £1,892.79
Cheryl Gillan Con £1,884.23
Jeffrey Donaldson DUP £1,858.73
Denis Murphy Lab £1,841.84
Alan Beith Lib £1,841.23
James Gray Con £1,742.91
Dan Norris Lab £1,730.19
Alan Whitehead Lab £1,723.28
Ruth Kelly Lab £1,707.34
David Curry Con £1,676.48
Frank Cook Lab £1,652.71
Stephen Crabb Con £1,639.30
Andrew Tyrie Con £1,638.99
Peter Wishart SNP £1,632.50
Annette Brooke Lib £1,538.78
Stephen Dorrell Con £1,530.16
Chris McCafferty Lab £1,529.81
Robert Ainsworth Lab £1,526.50
Keith Vaz Lab £1,514.00
Denis MacShane Lab £1,507.73
Menzies Campbell Lib £1,490.66
David Simpson DUP £1,482.98
Shaun Woodward Lab £1,470.15
Jacqui Smith Lab £1,469.87
Angela E Smith Lab £1,428.81
Michael Jack Con £1,427.74
Louise Ellman Lab £1,410.15
Michael Wood Lab £1,399.83
Anne Main Con £1,388.59
Ann Coffey Lab £1,381.08
Yvette Cooper Lab £1,363.21
Ed Balls Lab £1,363.17
Alan Duncan Con £1,356.67
Paul Beresford Con £1,352.02
Nicholas Soames Con £1,345.55
Kenneth Clarke Con £1,345.00
Shahid Malik Lab £1,340.56
Humfrey Malins Con £1,329.22
Nadine V Dorries Con £1,314.37
David Mundell Con £1,300.00
Christopher Mullin Lab £1,298.99
Adam Holloway Con £1,283.73
Vera Baird Lab £1,279.23
Kitty Ussher Lab £1,271.65
John Denham Lab £1,265.51
Ian Davidson Lab £1,241.39
Roger Berry Lab £1,237.77
Edward Garnier Con £1,221.68
Angus Robertson SNP £1,217.00
Robert Flello Lab £1,200.00
Elfyn Llwyd PC £1,194.60
Tom Levitt Lab £1,189.95
Ian Paisley DUP £1,181.94
Timothy P Loughton Con £1,178.88
Gerald Howarth Con £1,178.00
Gareth R Thomas Lab £1,158.52
Rob Marris Lab £1,153.98
Christopher Huhne Lib £1,152.05
Geoffrey Hoon Lab £1,151.42
Russell Brown Lab £1,146.63
Gordon Marsden Lab £1,135.40
Stephen Byers Lab £1,125.00
Philip Hollobone Con £1,115.83
Sian James Lab £1,105.64
David Amess Con £1,100.06
Lorely Burt Lib £1,087.50
Ben Wallace Con £1,079.99
Paul Goggins Lab £1,075.93
Julian Lewis Con £1,068.85
Lembit Opik Lib £1,064.42
Jacqui Lait Con £1,041.59
Michael Wills Lab £1,015.80
Mary Creagh Lab £1,001.22
Kenneth Purchase Lab £1,000.12
Nick Herbert Con £988.95
Albert Owen Lab £983.57
John Bercow Con £978.51
Kim Howells Lab £953.11
Anne McIntosh Con £948.00
Ian Pearson Lab £941.46
Tobias Ellwood Con £940.98
Harry Cohen Lab £933.38
Mark Pritchard Con £923.62
Nick Clegg Lib £910.00
Andy Reed Lab £891.48
David Davis Con £883.71
Nigel Evans Con £858.33
Nicholas Winterton Con £850.81
Claire Ward Lab £850.00
Helen Jones Lab £840.05
Julie Morgan Lab £838.94
Robert Walter Con £829.32
Lynne Jones Lab £815.00
David Miliband Lab £808.34
Iain Wright Lab £805.97
Andrew MacKinlay Lab £792.34
Hugo Swire Con £788.00
Katy Clark Lab £782.89
Nicolas Gibb Con £780.83
Nick Ainger Lab £777.70
Jeremy Wright Con £769.50
Betty Williams Lab £750.25
Charles Clarke Lab £743.64
Andrew Love Lab £736.70
Dari Taylor Lab £719.06
Graham Brady Con £715.00
Nicholas Brown Lab £697.65
Adrian Sanders Lib £691.00
John Smith Lab £683.78
Andrew Turner Con £681.60
Quentin Davies Lab £658.00
Gwyn Prosser Lab £650.00
Celia Barlow Lab £635.00
Malcolm Bruce Lib £622.00
Hywel Francis Lab £618.05
Oliver Letwin Con £613.70
William Hague Con £601.14
Jack Straw Lab £600.00
Madeleine Moon Lab £599.25
Jim Murphy Lab £577.46
Caroline Flint Lab £572.00
John Hutton Lab £568.09
Barry Sheerman Lab £557.21
Alistair Darling Lab £554.00
Dennis Skinner Lab £550.76
Dai Davies Ind £549.80
John Thurso Lib £548.21
Frank Roy Lab £545.79
Ann Winterton Con £544.42
Khalid Mahmood Lab £544.21
John Greenway Con £537.47
Jon Cruddas Lab £535.36
Robert Key Con £530.00
Michael J Foster Lab £515.76
Richard Spring Con £510.00
Brian Jenkins Lab £484.85
James P Duddridge Con £480.98
Alistair Carmichael Lib £480.78
Ed Vaizey Con £463.42
Richard Burden Lab £458.01
Sally Keeble Lab £451.45
Ashok Kumar Lab £450.00
Gisela Stuart Lab £447.86
Michael Meacher Lab £447.62
Michael John Foster Lab £438.71
William Etherington Lab £434.71
Mark Hoban Con £408.94
James Sheridan Lab £400.00
Eric Pickles Con £388.00
Jessica Morden Lab £380.55
Stewart Hosie SNP £379.45
Christopher Chope Con £357.86
Alan Keen Lab £345.00
Ann Keen Lab £345.00
Keith Simpson Con £330.61
Peter Kilfoyle Lab £324.16
Andrew Miller Lab £316.00
Martyn Jones Lab £310.36
David Crausby Lab £307.10
Stewart Jackson Con £304.10
John Whittingdale Con £301.58
Terence Rooney Lab £297.02
Danny Alexander Lib £290.82
George Osborne Con £284.26
Bob Neill Con £283.50
James McGovern Lab £266.54
Patrick Hall Lab £266.10
Julian Brazier Con £248.49
Mohammad Sarwar Lab £245.95
Jim Cunningham Lab £240.59
David Cameron Con £237.07
Tim Farron Lib £235.00
Phillip Davies Con £232.64
Robert M-Andrews Lab £231.00
Ann Widdecombe Con £230.00
Hazel Blears Lab £225.00
Philip Wilson Lab £224.92
Charles Hendry Con £223.26
Christopher Fraser Con £193.55
Claire C-Thomas Lab £191.12
Mike Gapes Lab £186.89
George Mudie Lab £182.51
John Cummings Lab £180.00
Ian Taylor Con £178.00
Barry Gardiner Lab £174.17
Shailesh Vara Con £174.00
Kevin Brennan Lab £171.40
Julia Goldsworthy Lib £171.32
Clive Betts Lab £169.14
Gregory Pope Lab £166.79
Paul Holmes Lib £150.00
Graham Stringer Lab £146.67
Chris Grayling Con £136.59
Lynda Waltho Lab £134.01
Sarah McCarthy-Fry Lab £134.01
Lyn Carol Brown Lab £134.01
Angus MacNeil SNP £133.00
Graham Stuart Con £128.02
Paul Farrelly Lab £123.93
Stephen O'Brien Con £115.00
John Redwood Con £112.00
Liam Byrne Lab £111.84
George Young Con £104.48



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