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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

ADHD Debunked by Human Rights Movement

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, better known as ADHD by some, is, we have been led to believe, a neurobehavioral disorder or, in layman's terms, a brain that isn't working normally.

There are some who wear ADHD like a badge, many parents, school teachers etc will argue that ADHD does exist because they have witnessed it first hand. "You should come to the school where I work and see little Johnny in class, his behaviour disrupts the rest of the kids, he has ADHD."

Amazing isn't it, teachers and, to an extent, parents, have become brain specialists overnight.

ADHD is a controversial subject, particularly with the aforementioned. Tell a parent that the diagnosis given to their child is based on guess work and you will, more than likely, be met with defiance. It's the God factor coming into play folks.

Stick a white coat on a male or female, add one stethoscope and one copy of the British National Formulary and Voila, God is born.

Parents believe this quackery because Dr God has told them it exists.

This brings me conveniently to an article that appeared in the Irish Examiner earlier today. The article, entitled, 'Beware psychiatrists’ advice on ADHD', is the other side of the coin,  the side that prescribing physicians, parents and teachers choose to ignore because it flies in the face of Dr God, who remember knows what he is talking about.

Brian Daniels [Citizens Commission on Human Rights] hits the nail right on the head with:

"For decades, psychiatrists have been busily reclassifying sets of behaviour and emotions as ‘mental illnesses’. Strip away all of the psychiatric jargon, and you won’t find a scrap of scientific evidence to support the psychobabble."
I think the above quote from Daniels should be inscribed in stone and should be in every classroom across Britain nae the world. It's a gentle, yet persuasive, reminder that kids with behavioural problems are just that. They have nothing chemically wrong going on inside their, as yet, fully developed brains, in fact, according to the Children's Hospital Boston, teen brains are only around 80 percent developed, those that aren't teens 0-12, have less developed brains. [Source]

I have met Brian Daniels on a number of occasions, we have become very good friends during the time we have known one another. He's a passionate man, he's a rational man, a true humanitarian.

Most readers of my blog, according to my Google analytic stats, were kids back in the 1970's. Most, if not all, would have, at some point, been reprimanded at school. Poor quality handwriting, running in corridors, not wearing the correct school uniform or wearing the school tie with one of them huge knots we all thought looked so damn cool.

We would have all met those naughty kids, you know the ones, they used to backchat the teachers, those defiant kids.

9 times out of 10 they were sent to see the Headmaster/Headmistress who (if you were from my neck of the woods) were caned. Six of the best, three on each hand. Thank you sir, you have just given me my badge of honour. Yup, I used to love showing the marks on my hand to the other kids in the playground, two lovely red hands because farting is prohibited in church - Good old Catholic religion punishing flatulence!

Today, we don't have any form of physical punishment in our schools, rightly so if my experience of brutality for passing wind is anything to go by.

Instead we have children being naughty or who lack attention, all being punished with pharmaceutical drugs. This is what we have accepted because, well, because there really isn't much else in place to keep bad behaviour in check. Detention doesn't really work because those pesky kids just won't turn up for detention. Banning them from the sports team would only be met with 'Am I bovvered'.

So, something had to be done, right?


Not only will it explain away the behavioural problems as a brain disease it will also allow the child to proudly wear that badge. He/she can't show the red marks on their hands but they can proudly announce that they have something wrong with their brain because Dr God told their parents.

To be honest, I am sick to death of arguing with those who claim their child has ADHD. I think in future I will just reply, "No, they haven't" and then just continue walking away from them.

The full explanation of the fraud of ADHD can be read here.

Brian Daniels, take a bow sir, it's a profound interview with words so powerful that even Dr God could not argue with... although Dr God would probably diagnose you with some sort of delusional disorder, not because he can see it via a scan but because you disagreed with him.

Daniels and the CCHR continue to ply their passion via the CCHR UK website.

More power to them. CCHR just ain't gonna roll over, they are here, like me, for the long haul.

Here's just one small example of their work, it shows how children from the ages of 0-5 years are being labelled with disorders that just don't exist.

I salute Daniels. I salute CCHR.

Bob Fiddaman

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