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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Letters From Generation RX - Radio Interview

Kevin has been instrumental in creating awareness regarding the way psychiatric prescription medications are handed out willy-nilly to patients whom are rarely informed about the side-effects.

In Kevin's ground-breaking first movie, Generation RX, he showed the infiltration of the DSM and FDA by pharmaceutical companies and the volume of people who seem to be profiting from the sales of these drugs.

In this interview, from Truth News Australia, Miller talks about his new movie, 'Letters From Generation RX'.
It's well worth the listen particularly for the way Miller explains how people are targeted when they speak out against the pharmaceutical industry and psychiatry.

If you are having difficulty with the player then you can download the MP3 direct HERE

Kevin P. Miller can be followed on Twitter here and the 'Letters' Facebook page is here.

Bob Fiddaman


Exclusive: Interview With Kevin P. Miller (Letters From Generation RX)

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