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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Whooping Cough - Seeing Is Believing

I've always given credit to the marketing moguls at GSK. They, in the past, have convinced people that they have an illness...even when they don't actually have an illness.

I was recently alerted to a new campaign by GSK regarding vaccinations for whooping cough (pronounced 'hooping' in the UK)

The video, even by their standards, is, I believe, typical of fear-mongering.

It depicts a grandmother as a big bad wolf because, it appears, that she didn't get a vaccine shot for whooping cough, ergo she is putting her grandchild at risk.

Ho hum.

The 30 second TV commercial runs with the tagline...

A couple takes their baby to visit their parents. Unfortunately, grandma might have whooping cough and could spread it to their baby. Whooping cough is a dangerous, spreadable disease that can be especially dangerous to infants. Make sure your whooping cough vaccination is up to date to keep your loved ones safe.

Glaxo have even created a special page that tells us all about how grandparents need to get the vaccine because they may be putting their grandchildren at risk.

The website even has a stark warning at the top, a photo depicting, once again, grandma as a nasty big bad wolf. (fig 1)

fig 1

Here's the video.

**If the video doesn't load on this page then it can be viewed here.

Bob Fiddaman.

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