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Friday, April 07, 2017

Dolin Vs GSK - Robert "Bling Bling" Gibbons

As noted in my last blog, Robert Gibbons is considered an "expert" only by GSK and other pharmaceutical companies who pay handsomely for his inventive numbers crunching. The phrase "figures lie, and liars figure" perfectly sums up Gibbons' "scholarly" junk science.

In the Netherlands, for example, Dr. Dick Bijl, who is the current Cheif Editor of Geneesmiddelenbulletin, a monthly bulletin for prescribing physicians, was less than complimentary toward Gibbons. Gibbons authored a research paper in which he claims higher rates of suicide are caused by the FDA Black Box warning. Gibbons states children are dying by suicide because they aren't taking SSRIs! But Bijl notes Gibbon's conclusions were “astonishing” and cannot be made from the data available. In an issue as important as childhood suicide, Bijl further states the authors were “reckless.” The Dutch investigative radio program, Argos, highlighted Bijl’s concerns, quoting experts in statistics, epidemiology, and child psychiatry, who warn of the “danger” in such “misleading” research.

With the above just being one example of Gibbons junk science, it came as no surprise that King & Spalding focused their day and a half examination on Gibbons' data. Of course, none of the well-documented criticisms of Gibbons by reputable scholars and scientists were mentioned by King & Spalding's Todd Davis. To back up his claims that Paxil and other SSRIs reduce the rate of suicides, Gibbons referred to other 'academic papers.' On cross-examination by Brent Wisner of Baum Hedlund, Gibbons motives became crystal clear. Wisner pointed out that every single research paper Gibbons quoted had authors who, collectively, had lucrative financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry. Gibbons admitted GSK is paying him $1,000 per hour to regurgitate his answers. On being asked if the two research papers Gibbons criticized had authors with direct conflict of interest ties to the pharmaceutical industry, Gibbons was, I imagine, left red-faced. It turns out his criticisms of papers that note there is a link between antidepressant use and suicide were authored by academics with no Big Pharma ties.

Nevertheless, Gibbons still maintains that antidepressants reduce suicides. He even told the jury that GlaxoSmithKline's own figure of a 6.7% increase for adults taking Paxil was incorrect. Gibbons seems to be in a bubble of delusion. Who wouldn't be when being paid $1,000 an hour by many pharmaceutical companies including Glaxo, Wyeth, and Pfizer?

It's difficult to accept the word of a millionaire who lacks morals and ethics. I say millionaire because between 2002 and 2013 Robert Gibbons pulled in a staggering $4,958,346 in National Institutes of Health (NIH) grants. This amount doesn't include the handsome sum he collects from pharmaceutical industries during litigation. Gibbons has been called a pharma whore and pharma shill, amongst other names. I'd say he's far worse than that:  His junk science is putting both adults and children at harm, and likely responsible for many avoidable SSRI-induced deaths.

It is nauseating to see the pharmaceutical attorneys and their witnesses continue to lie and deceive the unsuspecting public, jurors and consumers alike.

Gibbons finished his evidence yesterday and is now in line to give evidence for GSK in another lawsuit filed against them in the UK. That lawsuit alleges that patients taking Paxil struggled with horrific withdrawals whilst trying to taper off it. Buisness as usual then for Robert Gibbons.

Being present in the courtroom during the early stages of this trial was, for me at least, a dream come true. I'm a bit of a geek when it comes to law, particularly pharmaceutical litigation. Though I was harmed by Paxil for years, my own adverse Paxil experiences pale into insignificance when I think about the trauma Wendy Dolin and her family have endured. Considering most families whose loved ones have died from Paxil never even have their day in court, the number of people adversely impacted by GSK's product is likely staggering. Another staggering number is GlaxoSmithKline's rules and regulations violations. GSK has settled out of court so many times with so many victims, I've lost count.

Some of the people who have been harmed by SSRIs have names and faces known to the general public because they have channeled their grief into advocacy so that others might live. I feel tremendous compassion and respect for these advocates, people like Neil and Rhonda Carlin, Kristina Gehrki, Leonie and Tony Donnelly, Stephanie and John Lynch, Stephanie Gatchell, Kim Witczak, and Elaine Billings. Behind them are thousands of nameless victims whose avoidable tragedies are not known by the general public.

Perhaps one day GSK and other pharmaceutical companies might publish all the data from their secret, sealed cases that were settled out of court? My, wouldn't that be a large document? GSK would need a dump truck to deliver all their binders.

King & Spalding could then advertise their data collection and legal services on national TV. I can almost see Todd and Andy now, standing next to sky-high boxes of binders.

"Hi I'm Todd, and this is Andrew. We here at King & Spalding like to polish a turd."

The trial continues next week with the continuation of evidence being given by John Kraus, who is a vice president with GSK. Kraus is a former psychiatrist. Seriously, a former psychiatrist who is now vice president of GSK?

This shit just writes itself!

Bob Fiddaman

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