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Saturday, March 03, 2007

GSK's Word Defintions

Following on from my previous post, 'PAXIL, A VERY DANGEROUS DRUG' from the blog of The Tauraso Medical Clinic I have looked up the word 'Discontinuation' in a number of online dictionaries.

The Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary states that 'discontinuation' is a synonym of 'discontinue' and that basically it means 'STOP'

Over at they go a step further and state:

A breach or interruption of continuity or unity.

A cessation; a discontinuance.

The act of discontinuing or breaking off; an interruption (temporary or permanent)

At The it is described as thus: A cessation; a discontinuance.

Whereas describes the synonyms as being:

The act of stopping:

The condition of being stopped

A cessation of continuity or regularity

Now, I take it as written that the majority of us all know the meaning of the word 'Syndrome' - basically, it means 'Signs'.

So, Glaxosmithkline now see your Seroxat withdrawal.... sorry (ahem) discontinuation as this:

Yes folks... the wordsmiths at Glaxosmithkline have you, I and the thousands of others struggling to 'discontinue' Seroxat down as nothing more than a stop sign!

Now credit where it is due folks

This is exactly how I felt upon 'discontinuation'

My life certainly came to a standstill

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