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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another Ian Hudson Scenario?

First read about Medicines Australia... then read the latest blurb from the Glaxosmithkline website in Australia.

Medicines Australia represents research-based pharmaceutical companies who discover, develop and manufacture prescription medicines.

Medicines save lives, reduce and cure disease and limit Federal and State governments’ expenditure on more expensive treatments such as surgery, hospitalisation and the need for increased aged care.

They also reduce workplace absenteeism, increase workplace participation and productivity - all of which are essential stimulants to the economy.

The latest independent research shows that it now costs more than $1 billion to bring a new medicine on the 12-15 year journey from discovery to market.

Our companies in Australia employ about 15,000 , have a turnover of $7.8 billion, 1.3% of the global market, and export medicines valued at $2.9 billion .

We are one of the biggest exporters of elaborately transformed manufactured goods. The industry spends about $500 million each year on research and development.


From Australian Glaxosmithkline Website... pay particular attention to the bottom paragraph.

Medicines Australia promotes the interests of the pharmaceutical industry by encouraging a favourable investment environment, working on behalf of its members in an advocacy and consultative capacity with government and non-government organisations.

Through Medicines Australia, GSK can shape a more positive external environment where the value of innovation is recognised and patient access to GSK products is not unduly constrained.

Medicine’s Australia announced at its Annual General Meeting this year that GSK’s Managing Director Paul Lirette will be appointed to its Board of Directors.

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