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Sunday, March 11, 2007

More on The Mayo Clinic

Further to my recent post about the Mayo Clinic and the advice they are handing out to vulnerable patients online, I thought I would email them.

As yet, I have not had a reply:

Dear Mayo Clinic,

I am writing to you to display my disgust at a recent reply Dr. Donald E. McAlpine, Psychiatry and Psychology, of the Mayo Clinic gave to a patient who enquired about the dangers of antidepressants.

The 'article' was posted online at and I feel Dr. Donald E. McAlpine needs to seriously read-up on the recent findings regarding SSRi's.

In his reply there was absolutely no mention of the serious side effects these drugs can cause nor was there any mention of Dr Breggin's recent findings regarding Paxil and suicidal thoughts in adults. The report can be found here -

You may also wish to read the recent FDA warning that Paxil makes depressed adults suicidal here -

One has to question the integerity of the Mayo Clinic if the advice they give to a worried patient is that akin to an advertisement for the Pharmaceutical Companies.

It would not suprise me in the least to find that your benefactors include some of the major Pharmaceutical Companies who manufacture these types of antidepressants.

I am appalled that Dr. Donald E. McAlpine and The Mayo Clinic has such a disregard for human life.


Mr Robert Fiddaman

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