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Monday, March 12, 2007

Online Pharmacy and its devious ways

Chances are that many of you searched the net when you wanted to learn more about the drug you were taking. A simple search of 'Seroxat' or 'Paxil' would, years ago, probably take you to the homepage of Glaxosmithkline. More and more blogs and stories are appearing over the net now regarding the dangers of Seroxat/Paxil. In fact Google the word 'Seroxat' and the BBC Panorama page comes out top... but what about Google Blog search? There are many blogs out there now written by people who are suffering through personal experience of withdrawal so it wouldn't come as a suprise that the online pharmacies need to come up with a different kind of advertising concept to lure prospective buyers away from these anti Paxil/Seroxat blogs.

Here's one way they are achieving it.

Go to Google Blog Search -

Now imagine you are surfing the net for the very first time because you want to find out why you are feeling shitty on this drug.... or maybe you have recently heard a story that Paxil/Seroxat can be dangerous.

Type in the words Paxil Dangers and then sort by date.

Low and behold someone has created a blog by the very same name - Wonderful, you can now read all about the dangers Paxil has.

Here is the blog - Paxil Dangers (Link removed - see comments)

Now you can find out about all the dangers of Paxil..... or at least you would think so.

This blog is a drip feed to an online pharmacy that sells Paxil.

This, ladies and gentlemen is how the pharmacies are fighting back. Now you would think the FDA would have employees to stamp out such behaviour wouldn't you?

It seems this is a ploy to get blogs such as this one, Seroxat Sufferers Stand Up and Be Counted, and a whole host of others knocked off the top in Google Blog Search.

What level will they stoop to next just so they can continue peddling this drug that has killed and still is killing innocent people.


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