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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Message from the Truthman

Had a message from the Truthman today. His site GSK: Licence To (K) ill is a wealth of information, I suggest you read it from bottom to top, an awesome read. Go HERE

Here's the rather poignant email he sent me:

The MHRA has not banned Seroxat for new patients because that would be an admittance of their huge failings of regulation in the first place, they are nothing but a smokescreen for Big Pharmas such as GSK to hoodwink their drugs into the public domain. They also have more of a loyalty to GSK than the public. It also brings into question their liability and their responsibility , which could mean lawsuits against them.

Their "conspiracy "of silence about Seroxat actually speaks volumes. They know they have fucked up, they know that the shit will hit the fan eventually, but they will delay that as long as possible and the only way they know how is through silence. I would say ,behind closed doors, Seroxat is the major issue, but publically they will say nothing. Also, I would say that behind the closed doors of the GSK corporate machine, Seroxat is the major issue too, but of course they keep their wall of silence too as their only protection, and in the end, its business as usual for GSK...Personally I think the MHRA has more to answer about the Seroxat Scandal than GSK. After all, GSK were just chancing their arm with Seroxat, having former employees on board the MHRA was quite beneficial for them , Im sure, but the ultimate responsability lies with the regulators, who are meant to protect the public from hazardous drugs such as Seroxat , If we are to direct "blame" , it should be mainly with them.

Of course GSK have acted disgracefully also, but thats a given. It is the MHRA who have ultimately failed, and this raises huge questions about the whole organisation, of which I am sure the MHRA are not willing to face at the moment. In the words of David Healy, "Seroxat will be remembered of as one of the biggest medical scandals of our times".. And Im sure the MHRA are aware of that, if they gave credence to it , it would give it more power, so, in effect, silence has become their only weapon of diffusion.... Just like GSK's Myodil drug, ( ) , it took decades before the whole truth finally came out. and by time it did, it was old news...

I think the MHRA are hoping that Seroxat will blow over them, just like the bad drug scandals of the past did (like thalidomide)..At the moment they are just weathering the storm, albeit , a storm of epic proportions...

If Seroxat had happened before the internet age , I bet they would have for the most part gotten away with the scam, people would have been killing themselves on the drug, and the patients illness would have continued to be blamed, but with no means of connecting with others or developing a Seroxat community , they would have been left in the dark..

As was with the Myodil/GSK cases ,

The only difference between what was then and what is now, is the internet, and the easy and rapid access to information and communication, but also I would say Pharmaceutical companies nowadays incorporate the "litigation" factor in the marketing of all their new drugs, so in effect, they weigh up the profit and loss... make a billion in profit on a dodgy drug, eventually over its commercial lifetime, allow for 100/200 million or so in eventual lawsuits and gag order payoffs, and measure the risk on investment, if the risk involves more profit than loss, then it is considered a viable success...

I do have a feeling though, that by next year, and as the Hugh James cases, get closer to court, they will pay out and gag, after that ,there may be a gradual withdrawal of Seroxat, and finally they may stop selling it, but that will be a long time away, they will pull it before it is banned though, thats for sure...

We have to remember too, that Seroxat has been GSK's blockbuster and most profitable drug to date, it is their baby, and it still bringing in huge revenues, Ironically though the same profits made on current Seroxat addicts will go to gag former Seroxat addicts and withdrawal victims...

They will drag this out as long as they can...But with the power of the internet, at least now, their crimes are publically documented...

I'm sure you will all have to agree that Truthman has just about covered everything here that we are all feeling. The MHRA should hang their heads in shame and Glaxosmithkline should join them.

Our day is coming and those responsible for this abortion of affairs will be brought to justice

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