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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

GSK Children litigation - Canada vs Other Countries

This is too good an opportunity to miss. I'm unsure if the post will remain on Paxil Progress so I have reprinted here in its entirety.

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Here it is:

GSK Children litigation - Canada vs Other Countries

GSK has met with, and settled with many children who suffered side effects from paxil. The legal system in Canada stinks, and the lawyers won’t go up against the pharmaceuticals here. I know, I phoned every firm.

I obtained a high profile US lawyer. He is a wonderful man, one who is aware of the extent of suffering the children go through.

Last November (2006) was a very difficult month for my daughter. She had to meet with a GSK lawyer and discuss what she went through due to paxil. Before meeting with their lawyer we had a coffee with our US lawyer. My daughter does not like to discuss her paxil experience with anyone. She spoke with him openly, because she ‘knew’ he truly understood. She spoke about waking up each morning, her first thought being wanting to die. She would take a pin, something sharp and tear her skin. She rode her bicycle down stairs to harm herself. I won’t go on, you all get the picture…

Anyhow, at the end of the meeting I was asked what it would cost for private schooling to get her caught up-to-date. We discussed financial amounts. The GSK lawyer then turned to my daughter and said “we’re sorry this happened to you, but know it wasn’t done deliberately”. Ok, so that is where I spoke up. “Excuse me, don’t lie to her, GSK was very aware, the facts were hidden from the public, that’s why we’re here today”

GSK is aware I post on paxilprogress, but I was then asked if I personally knew Laurie Yorke, Rob Robertson, and Lisa Vansickle, as well as a few others I didn’t know of. “Hell yes!! Laurie is my adopted sister”, were family, as for Rob Robinson, sorry I could not afford the trip to the paxil protest.”

Interesting… what the hell does Laurie Yorke or Rob Robinson have to with my daughters suffering anyways? I shouldn’t have to lay out who I talk to, what we talk about, if it was via telephone, or in person. Anyway, we left the meeting and returned home. Since then, Skye researched schools she wished to attend when she received her settlement from GSK. She talks of going to New Jersey to meet Ryan, the desire to meet another child face to face that understands the suffering she went through.

A year has passed, Skye has received not a dime. Does anyone know why? Not because she hasn’t suffered or doesn’t deserve a settlement like the other children. But in paying her, they may have to pay other Canadian children. Once again it is all about the almighty dollar! They do not give a damn that they withheld information that ended up causing my child so much grief.

The following paragraph is for GSK, everyone that is in litigation with them have their posts from paxilprogress printed off. So by posting this here, I know they’ll get my message.

GSK, the pain and suffering a child suffers on paxil is the same, no matter the location. Place of birth should not matter. Saying that, my daughter’s father was born on US soil, because she resides with her mother in Canada should not make a difference.

I will continue doing what I am, I will provide for my childs needs. In the mean time, you paid her nothing. I am free to speak openly about GSK litigations. Why the hell would you meet with my child and make her rehash a horrific experience when you have no intention of doing anything about it? Was her experience not enough the first time around? How dare you play with my child’s emotions like that!!

Stay tuned, I need some closure to enable me to move on from this. A new website is in progress, one that will be getting media coverage, and will also be linked to every website available to me.

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