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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Daily Mail Seroxat Links

1 Can antidepressants be found in breast milk?
Your concerns about your grandson are understandable especially in the light of the recent media coverage about Seroxat.

2 Seroxat ban for children
by ROSALIND RYAN, - 10/06/2003
Depressed children should not be prescribed Seroxat because the controversial drug raises the risk of self-harm and suicidal thoughts in under-18s, according to a new

3 Man slashed wrists after two weeks on anxiety pill By James Tozer Coroner calls for leading anti-depressant to be withdrawn
A CORONER has called for Britain's biggest-selling antidepressant to be withdrawn after a retired headmaster who was prescribed the drug was found dead with slashed wrists.

4 Agency blamed for promoting Seroxat
The body which regulates medicines is playing Russian Roulette with people's lives over the common antidepressant drug Seroxat, a charity claimed

5 Seroxat warning to under-18s
Under-18s should not be given the anti-depressant Seroxat as the risk of suicidal thoughts and self harm is up to three times higher among those on the drug, experts

6 Sufferers sue 'happy pill' firm for £30million
By MARTIN DELGADO - 17/11/2007
Pharmaceutical giant Glaxo-SmithKline is facing a £30million damages claim from users of its anti-depressant Seroxat. Lawyers representing patients who insist the drug is addictive have issued the first of 600 High Court writs against the

7 DoH: 'Seroxat 'link' to suicides'
UK health professionals have raised concerns about possible links between the anti-depressant drug Seroxat and eight cases of suicide, say the Department of

8 Shamed Glaxo's u-turn on 'suicide' drug
by BEEZY MARSH and TIM UTTON, Daily Mail - 15/06/2004
Britain's biggest drugs firm has revealed research that shows a leading anti-depressant can cause children to attempt suicide. Glaxo-SmithKline is facing a major lawsuit amid allegations that drug regulators were duped into thinking Seroxat was safe for

9 Anti-depressant drug linked to increase in suicides
Thousands of patients taking an anti-depressant have been put on alert after the drug was linked to a worrying rise in suicides. Seroxat has been the subject of previous warnings that it may make children more suicidal, but researchers now say that should be extended to

10 Drug giant 'covered up safety fear on Seroxat'
A drugs firm covered up vital evidence about thesafety of an anti-depressant linked to a string of suicides, it has been claimed

11 Patients 'hooked on the shy pill'
The makers of a widely prescribed 'anti- shyness pill' face legal action over say it is addictive. Around 900 patients claim they suffered distressing withdrawal symptoms after taking

12 Why I resigned over 'happy pill' cover-up
by RICHARD BROOK, Daily Mail - 23/03/2004
The Government knows Seroxat anti-depressants can be dangerous. When one expert was asked to hide the truth, he

13 Why you should never trust new wonder drugs
A drug company was last week accused of concealing evidence about the safety of a drug. According to Professor David Healy, this is just the latest case where patients and medical professionals have been misled

14 The 'happy pill' kids
by JENNY HOPE, Daily Mail - 18/11/2004
Soaring numbers of British children are being prescribed anti-depressants and other mind-altering drugs, research reveals today. Some experts fear that drugs are being given too readily to youngsters after the UK saw the biggest rise in the world in

15 Medicines watchdog 'failed patients'
The UK medicines watchdog has been accused of failing to protect patients using the anti-depressant drug Seroxat. A programme claims past trials showed that the drug can leave a quarter of users addicted, while rapid increases in its dosage can cause serious side

16 Probe into 'addictive' anti-depressant drug
by RACHEL ELLIS, Mail on Sunday - 15/12/2002
After months of pressure, the Government is setting up an investigation into Britain's most widely prescribed anti-depressant, Seroxat.

17 Suicide link = child drugs ban
by PAUL SIMS, Evening Standard - 10/12/2003
GPs have been banned from prescribing children antidepressants after new evidence found the drugs may promote suicidal behaviour. The government says nearly all are

18 How can we treat depression naturally?
On a dietary level, it might help your husband to cut back on or eliminate from his diet certain foodstuffs which tend to upset brain chemistry.

19 Anti-depressant 'linked to suicides'
Health professionals in the UK have raised concerns about possible links between the anti-depressant drug Seroxat and eight cases of suicide over the past three years, the Department of Health

20 Record numbers of children prescribed anti-depressants
By DUNCAN ROBERTSON - 23/07/2007
The number of school children prescribed anti-depressants and mind-altering drugs has more than quadrupled in the last decade. New figures show GPs are prescribing pills in record numbers to combat stress, violent behaviour and even

21 Elderly patients who take anti-depressants run a higher risk of getting osteoporosis
Elderly patients who take anti-depressants run a higher risk of getting osteoporosis, it has emerged. Two studies found that patients who used drugs such as Prozac and Seroxat developed thinner

22 A guide to Britain's most popular antidepressant
Below is a guide to the most commonly prescribed anti-depressants in the UK.

23 Doctors hand out a record 31m anti-depressant prescriptions
by DUNCAN ROBERTSON - 14/05/2007
Prescriptions for anti-depressant drugs are at a record high, despite warnings that many people would benefit more from alternative treatments.The use of drugs such as Seroxat and Prozac increased by 10 per cent last year

Remember GSK's recent quotes regarding the recent press release that Lawyers representing patients who insist the bestselling drug is addictive have issued the first of 600 High Court writs against the company?

Let me refresh your memories:

GlaxoSmithKline said: "Seroxat has benefited millions of people worldwide.

"We believe the product is not defective and that there is therefore no merit in this litigation."





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