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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Glaxo's Handling of Physician Criticized

In today's Wall Street Journal.

It was also posted over at Cafe Pharma where someone has really let loose on the bumbling buffoon, Garnier.

For your amusement I shall add this poster's rant before the Wall Street Journal Story

Come clean on all the other docs you either paid off or threatened on a multitude of drugs, we all can name many under your watch. My personal hope is that someone, somewhere in this company has the guts to come forward and expose all your illegal activities. Maybe some of the reps you just deselected will help out....and to your spokesperson Ms. Pekarek--how can you sleep at night unless you are a sociopath like this French pig. Another disgusting truth about Garnier....the worst should be yet to come, hopefully. He needs to be punished.

Glaxo's Handling of Physician Criticized
November 17, 2007

Over a period of several years, drug maker GlaxoSmithKline PLC was so concerned about a prominent physician's negative views of its diabetes drug that it engaged in a concerted effort to intimidate him and stifle his opinion, a report by the U.S. Senate Finance Committee found.

The report offers a window into the rarely acknowledged practice among drug companies of monitoring and seeking to influence the opinions of leading physicians, who can make or break a drug's sales. The report alleges that Glaxo Chief Executive Jean-Pierre Garnier and former research chief Tachi Yamada were involved in the intimidation.

The Senate Finance Committee released the report Thursday, after researching Glaxo's relationship with John Buse, a diabetes expert and professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. In 1999, Dr. Buse began expressing concerns about the cardiovascular risks of Avandia, one of Glaxo's top selling drugs.


We all know how the story went - basically Buse spoke out about the dangers of Avandia and, in a Hollywood blockbuster movie type way, was 'leaned on' by top officials at GSK including GSK Chief Jean-Pierre Garnier.

GSK are an unholy society laden with excrement whom will stoop at nothing to keep their drugs on the market despite overwhelming evidence that their drugs harm people. Garnier sits in his mansion counting his millions bereft of any conscience.

What was it that turned a young Jean-Pierre into this vile monster he now seems to be? Almost all of the photo's of him circulating the web have him smiling... one of them 'you can't catch me' kinda smiles.

Well JP - Your time is up. Karma is coming to get ya my french friend.


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