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Friday, November 09, 2007

MHRA and Fake Drugs - A Fiddy Rant

So there has been a lot of press lately regarding the MHRA busting online pharmacies selling fake obesity drugs - I'd give them a round of applause for their achievements but really think they should be busting large Pharmaceutical Companies for mass producing fake anti-depressants... after all, they don't all do what they say on the packet do they? In fact, the most important information is left off the packet or patient information leaflet.

Isn't it about time the MHRA got their priorities in order?

Wait! How could they possibly bust the very same companies that fund them?

Easy to bust an online pharmacy though as these are, in the main, some collective group of individuals who spotted a lucrative gap in the market, same goes for Viagra and anti-baldness pills.

Who are losing out to these online pharmacies? The MHRA? Nah

The Pharmaceutical Companies Ladies and Gents. The MHRA will bend over backwards to help the hand that feeds them. Get the fake drugs off the shelves because our funders are losing money. Wouldn't surprise me if the MHRA had been given directives to make this a priority.

Meantime, we have the tired, dragged out MHRA investigation into GlaxoSmithKline. Four years and nothing!

So, MHRA - I lay down the gauntlet

SSRi's continue to be prescribed in this country (UK). Your promise to safeguard human health is wearing thin. You are safeguarding pharma profit and that is utterly shameful.

Don't get me wrong - you SHOULD bust these online pharmacies selling fake drugs but you should also get your finger outta your ass and bust GlaxoSmithKline et al for selling fake anti-depressants to the very same people you promised to protect!

Prof. Kent Woods at the helm of the MHRA is incompetent - though no doubt he believes he is the bees knees with the 'major' busts recently of small online pharmacies.

Go for the big guns Kent... or would that leave a vast hole in the MHRA's budget?

We can at least all sleep soundly at night safe in the knowledge that a few wannabe entrepreneurs have been captured by Woods and his crack team of investigators. Well those of us who haven't been left with irregular sleep patterns by Seroxat can!

One can only imagine the pats on the back the MHRA are getting from pharma huh... more like wads in the back pocket I suspect.

The MHRA - Safeguarding Human Health - What a load of bollocks!


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