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Thursday, November 22, 2007

16 year old directed to the truth.

Comment left by one of my readers.

Sonic has left a new comment on your post "Seroxat Down Under (Aropax)":

I have been a little down for a while now, i wouldn't call it severe depression at all.

I went to the doctor with mum (i am 16) and mum went on about how she thinks I could be depressed and how the councilors at school think i may be too.

He pretty much heard the word 'depression' and began writing a perscription for aropax. He wouldn't even listen to me. Anxiety? as in? Severe worry? Sure.. i worry, but i don't think its severe. I defintely dont have social problems and am good at making new friends and speaking.

Anyway, I thought he was an idiot, he didnt analyze me at all before he gave me this prescription. He said take half a tablet for 4 days and then after that 1 tablet a day.

And he said "Within the first week you will have suicidal thoughts". I mean gosh, my mum was in there with me and that worried her a lot.

So, after we left I said to mum that I am not taking this drug because I do not suffer from sever anxiety and that guy was an idiot. But mum insisted I should anyway.

Came home, looked it up, found this blog and the wikipedia of it. holly fuck.

There is no bloody way I am going on this stuff. No bloody way. And I can't believe he didnt warn me about all of the side effects and how addictive it is. I asked if it was addictive and he said it wasn't. Fucking idiot. Anyway, just posting to thank you for revealing your story to bring awareness of what this drug can do.


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