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Sunday, November 09, 2008

Sara Carlin Update

Sometime ago I wrote about the tragic suicide of Sara Carlin [1,2,3,] from Toronto, Canada and the subsequent problems faced by her parents, Neil and Rhonda, in getting an inquest into her death. They believe, as I do, that her suicide was a result of Sara being prescribed Paxil [Seroxat], a drug that Sara should never have been prescribed. [1] [2] [3]

Earlier this week CHCH TV Hamilton, Ontario, broadcast a news item where they interviewed Rhonda Carlin. I have uploaded this interview in three parts. Here is Part 1:

In Part 2 we see another parent, Mary Ann Murray, speak out with regard to the death of her 22 year old daughter, Martha, who was prescribed Lithium. At the age of 22 Martha died of a heart attack. Her mother believes this was a result of Martha taking Lithium.

We also hear from Terence Young who tragically lost his daughter, Vanessa. An inquest into her death recommended that patients get information leaflets with warnings in bold on every prescription.

Here is Part 2

Part 3 calls for more help from the Coroners Office.

The Coroners Office motto is "We speak for the protect the living"

It seems that it is patient advocates and parents that are speaking for the dead whilst the Coroners Office sit back and bury their heads up their own backsides ignoring the dangers of these types of drugs.

It's time to protect the public you incompetent bunch of imbeciles!

Part 3 also shows you the utter disdain and ignorance shown by Community Safety Minister, Rick Bartolucci. This man has the power to order an inquest into Sara's death. When approached and asked about this he replied, "That's premature."

I have a message for Rick Bartolucci.


The makers of Paxil [paroxetine] GlaxoSmithKline spat out the following statement to CHCH TV:

"Paxil or paroxetine has been used safely by tens of millions of patients for 15 years and all precautions are on the drug label"

I disagree.


Link - Canadian Activist Calls For Sara Carlin Support!

Read the new book, The Evidence, However, Is Clear...The Seroxat Scandal

By Bob Fiddaman

ISBN: 978-1-84991-120-7



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