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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Another Seroxat/GSK Song


Check. Yo, it's Grimes.
In corporation with B Fiddy.

Everybody involved with the movement
This is for you.
Stand up and be counted.

I sit slumped as I take another tablet
I take a Stanley as I'm shaving off a milligram.
Suicidal thoughts is what I'm left with
I need this drug in my system, it's how its got me.
Not addictive and safe, that's what they told me
As electric shocks are shooting all through my membrane.
Think about killing my family for the hell of it and
Turn the pistiol on myself so I'm really free.
So I can fly to the sky and breathe out relief
But I can't, I must be strong and remain here.
Free myself from the Devils grip around my soul
Take control cos my people been so scared.
By the corporate killers and they're dressed in thier best suits
They're like gangsters, the other side of the law.
While another victim is raised inches above the floor
Another use of the noose that couldn't take no more.
Life of a zombie with a pulse scratching four walls and
Study 329 it would have showed you this.
And all them tests on them kids it would have showed you this
But dollars and pounds, yeh they could really blind me they
Cut the conscience so they could really make the cash
Profit announcement, they sit back and really laugh.
They took thier magic beans and sold them to the whole world like
They were really magic, there was no beanstalk. just
There's plenty bad thoughts, too many stillborns,
Too many wrists slit, too many husbands with the anger and the clenched fists.

And I ain't done.
It's about time David pulled the rug from beneath Goliath.
That's whats happening here.
This is a movement.

Three days Kerry Ann has been taking these twenty self harm scars
Later, she throws in the towel, all out of character.
Mr Glaxo never said it would do this to her
Another statistic on the boardroom type of graph
But the bank balance is healthy so let's all have a laugh
Pop the Champers GSK and ava glass
Toast to the death toll, yea, really must be proud of that.
Forget the blood on your hands, it's all on your family
Your cars and your house and the things that make you happy.
Well it looks like Goliath has underestimated David
If I was you I'd get your white flag waving.

It's the movement.
B. Fiddy.

Written & Performed by Grimes


Read the new book, The Evidence, However, Is Clear...The Seroxat Scandal

By Bob Fiddaman

ISBN: 978-1-84991-120-7



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