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Saturday, November 15, 2008

This one is for you, Baby Peter.

Now this scum sucking trio of bile have been named and shamed, watch how they will be protected by a perverse UK law. A safe place, around the clock protection, two things 17 month old baby Peter should have had.

No doubt when the Judge hands down their sentence they will be protected inside their prisons. They won't be eating dirt and the only chocolate they come in to contact with won't be smeared over their bodies to hide bruises. They will be given a choice of what they want to eat and good behaviour will bring them a reward, probably in the shape of an early release from prison.

Wherever baby Peter is I hope he can feel the outpouring of love from the network sites such as Facebook, from the Blogs such as this one, from the people who hold him in their thoughts when they pray to their God. I hope someone in the afterlife can explain to him that not all big people are bad. I hope in his afterlife someone can show him what life should have been like, a simple cuddle would feel alien to him.

I have no time for the pc brigade, they will be out in force condemning websites that carry the names of this trio of evil. Well, fuck the liberal lefties!

It's high time people of the United Kingdom stood up and vented their anger toward those responsible. Vent your anger, start blogging, create groups on the network sites, lobby your MP and demand changes, write to Haringey social services and demand an apology because they owe you and I one big apology for failure on a grand scale.

What next?

Do we really want the death penalty back? Have we not learned anything throughout history?

Public flogging? Not good enough.

I do believe that the UK is out of control with cheap alcohol and eyes closed to pot smoking wannabe gangsters who line our streets on the weekends, causing havoc because door security won't allow them into nightclubs. The Police are no longer a force. It seems more important for them to do paperwork back at the station [if it's open]. Make sure they get their details correct because if they don't some liberal leftie will be shouting from the rooftops that PC Plod never followed the correct procedure when carrying out an arrest of some youth high on white powder or some plant laced with chemicals.

Violence has been with us throughout history. Today it surrounds us with popular music that spew lyrics glorifying guns, with computer games glorifying war, with TV programmes being tuned in to because it's funny to see a chef get angry and swear or it's funny to see a small man with an idea stand in front of 5 millionaires, only to be ridiculed and spoken down to. Or a person with a dream to be ridiculed because they cannot sing [or cannot make the record exec lots of money]

We have pharmaceutical companies promoting shit drugs that cause addiction, yet the majority of the populous stand by and do nothing.

Educate yourselves, stand up for what you believe in. Let your benchmark be baby Peter. Don't let the poor blighter's death be in vain. Lobby your MP's, petition Downing Street, ring up your local radio station. Stand up and be counted.


This is for you baby Peter. RIP

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