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Monday, November 03, 2008

My Blog Roll

I've just removed a link to a blog that was on my list. It was funny at first but all got rather silly. Quite why this person/s started involving innocent people in what is basically a mental health campaigner's gripe with me and other Seroxat campaigners is beyond me.

Once again, members of UK Survivors, a mental health forum, are making wild accusations so I will state it for the record: I have much better things to do with my time then play games with someone who has had plenty of chances to comment on my blog. I'm up for a debate, I've even been over to UK Survivors but it all got rather childish with name calling and cartoons.

So, for the record. I write about Seroxat because I was on that particular drug. When I had my meeting with the MHRA I made it clear that the withdrawal issues was for ALL SSRi's... NOT JUST Seroxat.

I have never cheated the benefit system. I have bi-lateral osteoarthritis in my hips but this does not involve the use of a wheel chair. I have been to Australia twice, the mental health campaigner wants to know where I got the money from to travel, well, that's my business.

Now, if there is anything else this mental health campaigner wishes to know about me, I invite him to leave a comment on here and debate it with me rather then send photos of me in Australia to my MP, my solicitors and CEO's of mental health charities.

I honestly cannot see why someone would wish to target me, particularly when there could be possible changes into the way ALL SSRi withdrawal victims are handled with regard to their tapering off these horrible tablets, this was a result of a meeting I had with the MHRA, a meeting where I had to borrow money for the travelling expenses because I refuse to accept travelling expenses. Believe me, I'd sooner write about AC/DC or get around to that book I've been promising myself to write rather than write about GSK, The MHRA and Seroxat all the time.

If any other SSRi had caused me withdrawal problems I would write about that. May I suggest to the mental health campaigner who has created his very own blog about me that he would be better off targeting Pharmaceutical companies and NOT campaigners who are trying their utmost to get changes into the way patients withdraw from SSRi's .


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