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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Tragic Death of 17 Month Old 'Baby P'

I tend to steer away from stories like this because they upset and anger me but one cannot ignore this particular story as it is all over the national newspapers, TV and radio here in the UK.

This case of child neglect is truly shocking so if easily upset do not read on.

Firstly, All three were cleared of murder. The woman, 27, and her boyfriend, 32, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and another man, Jason Owen, 36, were convicted of causing or allowing the death of Baby P, whose identity is also protected by a court order.

If them being cleared of murder does not anger you then perhaps the fact that 'Baby P' suffered more than 50 injuries during an eight-month period in which he was seen 60 times by social and health workers, but according to lawyers still did not pass the threshold to be taken into care will!

There is a chain of people to blame here. Of course, the three who tortured this poor child are, in the main, the guilty parties but what of the neglect by Haringey Social Services and the child's paediatrician, Dr Sabah al-Zayatt, Two days before 'Baby P' died, in August last year, he allegedly failed to spot that he had a broken back!

Are you angry yet?

Dr Sabah al-Zayatt's contract has not been renewed by Great Ormond Street hospital. Unbelieveably she is appealing against this decision!

Haringey social services have given two social workers and a lawyer written warnings, there has been no sackings or resignations over the case.

This from The Guardian:

The first clear signs of abuse began to appear on the child's body in December 2006, a month after the boyfriend moved in. The child was used "almost like a punchbag" by adults who were supposed to be looking after him, the prosecution told the Old Bailey, while his mother did nothing about it.

On December 11 2006, Baby P's mother took the child to her GP, who noticed that the baby had bruises on his face, chest and right shoulder. When the mother failed to provide a reasonable explanation, he sent them to hospital. Although Baby P's mother said he had fallen off the sofa, Dr Mackinnon wrote in her notes: "Not to be allowed home. Police protection order if necessary."

Four days later, Baby P was discharged and placed, informally, in the care of a family friend while police and social workers investigated.

The social workers who visited the council flat that housed the family and three dogs found it was dirty, untidy, and smelt of urine. The baby was often left playing with toys alone while his mother surfed the net or watched television, the court heard. Police described her as "a slob, completely divorced from reality". The court heard that she seemed more devoted to her dogs than her son.

Baby P was returned to his mother on January 26 2007. By then, she had been moved into a house in Tottenham. Social services did not know that her boyfriend had also moved with her.

The mother said she would get rid of the dogs and promised to cooperate with the allocated social worker, Maria Ward, and the health visitor, Paulette Thomas, to get Baby P's name off the register.

A friend who visited the mother at home in early April recalled seeing a withdrawn and bruised Baby P sitting in the garden eating dirt.

On April 9, Baby P was taken to hospital with swelling and bruising on the side of his head. His mother claimed he had been pushed over by an older child and hit his head on a marble fireplace.

The doctor who examined the child became concerned, and Baby P was admitted to hospital and social services informed. However, once Baby P had been given the all-clear for meningitis, he was allowed home.

By this time the relationship between Baby P's mother and her boyfriend had begun to deteriorate, and by June 2007 the atmosphere in the house grew more tense - especially after a man named Jason Owen moved in at the end of June.

It had already become obvious that substantial action would be needed to protect Baby P. Ward, the social worker, made an unannounced visit just before lunchtime on June 1 and found him lying on the sofa under a blanket. His face was red and she saw bruises under his chin. Four days later, the mother was arrested for a second time.

She denied harming him and told detectives that she was "a damn good mum". The decision was taken on a "multi-agency basis" to allow Baby P back into his mother's care - albeit under the supervision of the family friend who had looked after him before.

By the end of June, contact between the mother, the social worker and the health visitor had become erratic.

The last time Ward saw Baby P was on July 30. He was sitting in his buggy in the hall, his face, hands and clothes smeared with chocolate. Even though he was restless and fidgety, he smiled at her. Owen later told police that the mother and her boyfriend had rubbed chocolate over the baby to hide his injuries.

On August 1, the mother took Baby P to the child development centre at St Anne's hospital in Haringey. There he was examined by a consultant paediatrician, Dr Sabah al-Zayyat, who noted that the baby appeared "cranky" and "miserable", but did not find any indication that he had fractured ribs or a broken back.

"He didn't look any different from a child of his age with a common cold," she told the court. "He was sitting without support. There was no reason to suspect anything else."

However, two medical experts told the court that they believed that his injuries would have been evident. Dr al-Zayyat is now being investigated by the General Medical Council.

At 11.35am on August 3 2007, an ambulance was called to the house. Its crew found Baby P already stiff and blue in his blood-spattered cot. As they tried to rush him to hospital, the mother demanded they wait while she collected her cigarettes.

'Baby P' was pronounced dead in hospital at 12.20pm.


A catalogue of errors that has happened before at Haringey social services. You would have thought lessons would have been learned but they clearly were not.

In 2000, Victoria Climbié, was abused and murdered by her guardians in London. Victoria's social worker, Miss Arthurworrey, was said in Lord Laming's 2003 report into the killing to have failed to notice signs of abuse. In December 1999 and January 2000 she visited the flat, but no one came to the door. Miss Arthurworrey decided the family had left the area. In reality Victoria was dying in the flat. She was sacked by Haringey Council and lost a employment tribunal case to win her job back. Yes, she actually tried to win her job back!

'Baby P' had 17 months on this earth. It was not his choice to be borne to an evil mother. It was not his choice to have his ribs and back broken. It was not his choice to be battered and bruised and used as a punchbag by vile bastards who need stringing up. It was not his choice to be overlooked 60 times by Haringey social services.

The death of Victoria Climbié in 2000 means nothing, no lessons were learned and because of this another child has suffered.

Heads should roll for this calamity of errors, not only should the three bastards who abused this poor child be hung, drawn and quartered but those responsible for the safety of this poor soul should be prosecuted for gross negligence.

Haringey social services needs to be ripped apart and fumigated because the stench that eminates from there is gut wrenching. The passing of the buck, the denial, the closing of the eyes have all been part of this child's torturous time on earth.

What is it with the protection of children in this country? For years, the MHRA failed to protect children regarding Seroxat, even though the evidence was there. Another blind eye turned, another 'It's not our problem' scenario.

Baby P, this is for you. I am truly sorry to be part of the human race this morning. I am truly sorry to be an 'adult', a person who apparently has more insight than a 17month old child. What must you think of those big people who were supposed to raise and nurture you in a loving way. I am sorry you never learned what it felt like to be loved and I am sorry that those responsible for your death reamin here whilst you don't.

I am sickened by this whole story because one cannot even say that a valuable lesson has been learned. They said that in 2000.

As for Jason Owen, 'Baby P's' mother and boyfriend. You are fucking scum.

Rant over.


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