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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Out of their M.I.N.D.

A reader of Seroxat Sufferers contacted me via email to express her concerns over a recent email she had received from M.I.N.D. Mind is the leading mental health charity in England and Wales.

She had wrote them to tell of her concerns over the lack of help for people withdrawing from antidepressants.

Her email follows [Name REDACTED]

Date: 14 April 2009 16:26:52 BDT
Subject: Lack of NHS support For Seroxat withdrawl sufferrers

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I feel I just had to write to you to ask you for your comments regarding the lack of support available for people who suffer from the withdrawal effects of antidepressants. I have suffered terribly for 4 years after stopping Seroxat. Apart from many debilitating physical symptoms I have also suffered from depression, very bad anxiety, panic,terror, memory loss tinnitus and severe problems with my balance. To date my Gp has offered no help ( although she believes my problems stem from stopping Seroxat) I have been sent for psychological help but waited 13 months for an appointment and was then offered stress management for a few weeks. Recently my Gp said I should try counselling which she arranged through NHs. I waited 7 months for an appointment for this I saw the counsellor today , explained all that's gone on for me over the last four years and she said "So how do you think I can help you?". This really is not good enough it is not for me to say what help I need . It is a very sorry state of affairs when Doctors prescribe drugs to people then abandon them when they suffer adverse effects when they stop them. It seems to me there is far more help and support for people who stop Street drugs than there is for people like me and so many others who have this problem after taking something prescribed by their GP.

I would appreciate your comments.


M.I.N.D. replied in the usual 'Fuck off it's not our problem' manner

From: MIND
Date: 17 April 2009 11:30:44 BDT
Subject: Lack of NHS support For Seroxat withdrawl sufferers


Thank you for your email dated 14 April 2009.

I understand you are looking for Mind’s comments on the lack of support available to people who are coming off Seroxat. You mention you have suffered for the last 4 years after withdrawing from this form of medication, which has caused you a number of side-effects.

It sounds as though you have been going through a difficult time and don’t feel as though you've been getting enough support, despite going to see a counsellor.

The MindinfoLine provides information, options and signposting to enquiries regarding all aspects of mental distress. As an information service, we are unable to comment about the lack of support you have received, however there are several ways you can get help and support outside of the NHS.

You may find it useful to contact the Seroxat user group. You can find more information about the group by clicking on the link below:

There may also be support in your area. There are a number of local Mind associations (LMAs) throughout the country. Each local Mind association is a charity in its’ own right and affiliated to Mind. Each offers different support services dependent on their individual resources. Some of these services include information, advice, depression management, anxiety management and some LMAs offer a range of support groups. You would have to contact your local Mind association directly to see what is on offer. To find your nearest local Mind association go to:

There are several other organisations which may be able to provide you with some support at this time. I have listed their contact details below:

Depression Alliance

tel. 0845 123 2320


Provides information, support and understanding

First Steps to Freedom

tel: 0845 120 2916


Offers practical help to those who suffer from anxiety problems

No Panic

93 Brands Farm Way, Telford, Shropshire TF3 2JQ

helpline: 0808 808 0545


Provides a helpline, step-by-step programmes, and support for those with anxiety disorders

You may also find it useful to read the following booklets:

I hope this information helps.


Nice to see the leading mental health charity in England and Wales passing the buck to patient support groups - Amazing isn't it, these patient support groups were initially set up to offer help that charities such as MIND cannot give. It's high time they started to give patients support, they have much more clout than patient run groups... and much more money too!

The Seroxat User Group is a helpful group with tips on withdrawal. It's run by Janice Simmons, whom I have had the pleasure in speaking with. Janice has worked her nuts off regarding Seroxat awareness and has held meetings in the past with Gordon Brown and the MHRA on many occasions.

Depression Alliance?

I was quite shocked to see MIND recommend a 'charity' whose former CEO, Jim Thompson, acted like a petulant school kid when brought to task over funding DA received.

Type in 'Depression Alliance' in the search box at the top left of this page and you will get a gist of how and exactly what kind of people run Depression Alliance!

Another great source for information on Depression Alliance and it's former CEO is Seroxat Secrets.

Once again, we have a concerned patient writing to a leading mental health charity for support, once again this very same concerned patient is more or less told to 'fuck off and stop being a nuisance.'

This is appalling behaviour.

Help the woman, don't pass her around like some used rag doll. And if you are going to send her links to Depression Alliance then please do your homework on them first!




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