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Friday, April 24, 2009

Seroxat / Paxil antidepressant – addiction is real.

I have been alerted to this article on It pretty much hits the nail on the head regarding Seroxat addiction.

Seroxat / Paxil antidepressant – addiction is real.

Can your Doctor differentiate between you as a patient being unhappy through circumstances as to your life events from physical degradation of your mind; from chemical imbalance caused by reactions by other medications, from chemicals in foods/beverages, from chemicals in the atmosphere; from possible electromagnet radiation (electronic devices) ; from data overload (information); from low moral/esteem (constant bombardment of announced Gov failure); from mental abuse at work?. Indeed how well does your Doctor know your current situation given Government targets and pay related performance in reducing waiting lists and appointment periods.

To diagnose depression one is prescribed Anti-depressants to which it is usually advised that their effectiveness takes a few days while what is not stated is that such drugs like Paxil(US) / Seroxat(UK) may be additive and have may have horrifying side-effects and protracted withdrawal symptoms. No mention is made either towards hypnotic effects as stated in the trademark applied for in the US by German drug Company of Boehringer Ingelheim G.m.b.H. on the 28th March 1980 whom described the medication as an “hypnotic drug for human use” and not as an Antidepressant!. Of the side-effects is heightened Anxiety mentioned or an intolerance towards others in wanting to be away from them (self seclusion) in a zombie state of mind and not wanting to become an hypnotists stage dummy open to suggestion!. Of course one cannot reason the latter one only knows to do it without question. The withdrawal symptoms can be very severe and to miss a mornings dosage ones becomes aware that afternoon with slight tingling as to fingers, a numbness sensation to the face and remoteness to be more alone. By day three one is very anxious with uncontrollable tears as the body shakes itself apart through uncontrolled nervous tremors. I personally always ended up at a hospital A&E on day three having drove off in the need to be alone but forgetting to take my Seroxat with me!.

DRUG ADDICTION. Is it right that such drugs are accompanied by Patient Information Leaflets ( PIL ) that simply state that there is no scientific evidence which suggests that this medication is addictive – as acceptable to both Drug Companies and the EU. Do rats in laboratories complain of human symptoms having pre-trialled such drugs ?. What is a meaningful definition for the word ADDICTION?. Could it someone whom has experienced a pleasurable mental state and cannot cease thoughts about wanting to revisit it and thus taking chemicals again to achieve it OR perhaps in an OPPOSITE SENSE is it about being “put” in a locked mental state of mind to which one is enforces oneself to take more medication else become more incapacitated by not doing so?

The article was written by someone who uses the username 'professor'



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