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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Classic GlaxoSmithKline [UK Seroxat Litigation]

Today I received a letter from the Solicitors handling the Seroxat Litigation here in the UK. The case, seems to have been dragging on for years now, such is the complexity of defective product law.

I have to laugh at GlaxoSmithKline's latest tactic. To me, it is classic GSK intimidation - the usual threats when one party gets too close to the truth.

GSK [Lawyers representing them] have written to the claimants solicitors to say that our claims cannot succeed. Nothing unusual there, both parties have a right to that opinion. However, what is totally laughable is the extent of which GlaxoSmithKline will go to as to keep items of disclosure from public eyes.

Glaxo have 'invited' the solicitors to discontinue the claimants cases. Moreover, if they do so by 30th April 2009 then Glaxo say they will bear their own legal costs. [If Glaxo were successful at trial in defeating the claimants then they could seek their own legal costs]

Not content with this, Glaxo are now, it seems, using brute force by writing to the Legal Services Commission [LSC] and have asked them to withdraw public funding!

I have heard of standard tactics used by law teams but this attempt by GlaxoSmithKline is limp-wristed and only highlights their reluctance in keeping records away from the public eye.

At present, the Solicitors representing the claimants in this case are in the process of obtaining documents from GSK [This is known as 'Disclosure'] As yet, this procedure has not been completed.

Now, call me cynical but I smell fear. Disclosure means previously sealed [or hidden away from public viewing] files will have to be released. It seems that GlaxoSmithKline have nothing to defend this procedure other than writing to the LSC to get public funding stopped. It smacks of a child in the playground threatening to tell the parents of another child that he/she had been naughty and that this child's behaviour should be known to his/her parents. The obvious reaction would be for the naughty child to plead with the accuser, "Please don't tell my mom and dad that I have been naughty, I will do anything you ask."

Well, Glaxo seems to have hit an all time low with this latest form of defence. They have nothing, it seems, to defend the accusation that Seroxat is defective. The facts are all around us and more than likely all around the vaults of GlaxoSmithKline too.

This threatening behaviour is truly laughable and I see it as a last ditch attempt to keep the truth from the public eye [Disclosure]

I hold GSK in contempt for what Seroxat has done to me and others. My contempt for them just tripled upon reading what, it seems, they are doing to protect their failures.


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