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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Unhappy Australian GSK Rep Lets Rip

This from the Cafe Pharma Forum.

Cafe Pharma is a forum where reps, former reps, and employees and former employees of GlaxoSmithKline speak their minds.

[The following post was emailed to the entire country. I agree with every thing this rep has said. The state has been turned into XXX to protect the guilty.]

To all the good people and good friends that I've made at GSK. My time here is almost up. Unfortunately, I've been the victim of a witch hunt set out to find something - anything- against me. I was not surprised to learn that this is a common trend here in XXX. For example, were you aware that the XXX sales force have had a turn-over of around 60% in the last 12 months? I'm sure if I, or any of my fellow colleagues, had been privy to this alarming statistic four months ago, we may have taken other offers made to us by other companies. Instead we've all fallen victims to the culture of fear, preferential treatment and promotion of total incompetents occurring here in XXX.

So, in my case, the XXX State Manager and one of her carefully groomed and chosen DBMs, have levelled some incredible allegations against me. I have been accused of not being a team-player and ignoring the needs of my colleagues. This came about when a trusted colleague lied to protect themselves and therefore implicating me instead. The blame and responsibility for their lack of commitment was conveniently laid at my feet. This lie was subsequently supported by a grossly incompetent, semi-literate DBM who never thought to ask me whether the story was true or, in fact, a total fabrication. I'd like to take this opportunity to warmly thank that colleague for the warm, friendly gesture of ramming the knife securely between my shoulder blades. My family thanks you as well.

I've also had defamatory allegations, of entering fraudulent calls, made against me. Let me assure you that these are completely baseless allegations and I have not even been permitted to gather evidence to support my innocence. It seems that there is a risk of damage to GSK's reputation. Naturally, my reputation, and indeed my career, were not as important. It's ironic that the same DBM who has made the accusation has had a history of entering fraudulent calls himself. How many? It's so difficult to tell. I only searched through two bricks and was able to find 6 separate bogus calls. Calls that have been entered as "face to face", then the notes go on to explain that the doctors were not seen. This is a fact buried in the details and only someone looking for it would find it. However, within frequency and coverage, these calls would be counted as "face to face". Doesn't frequency and coverage directly relate to bonuses? Wouldn't that be considered as defrauding the company? Hmmm, food for thought. I'm being terminated and he's been promoted 3 separate times in one year.

I am sure that most people are aware of the situation that has been allowed to occur for several years in XXX sales. To find out that several others have been performance managed out over ridiculous claims and accusations as I have is cause for anger to say the least. Why is this behaviour permitted? Why are so many people coming then going from XXX? Why is GSK prepared to spend so much money and time recruiting only to have to lose those people again and again? Why isn't enough being done to remedy the problem? Everyone in the company knows what the problem is, surely. It is a serious problem - a disease as dangerous as any cancer. You can't keep removing cells from around the disease. You need a bold and fearless surgeon who will come in with the scalpel and start cutting at the infected and rotted flesh. It is the only way to ensure the problem ends once and for all.

It's too late for me. I'm sure I'll be finally terminated on Monday, especially after this email. But for all of my friends remaining in XXX, take great care. Unfortunately you must remain ever-vigilant against inconsistent behaviour from some of your managers. It seems that their poor performance has been tolerated and, as reward, they've been promoted. You must ensure you're always giving your best - but on the other hand, over-performing may guarantee you a target on your back. Some managers are a little insecure of their own talent and skills (why wouldn't they be?) and might see your hard work as an attempt to usurp them. It's bloody backwards.

All those that I've befriended, I wish you the best of luck and a stress-free career. Thanks for the good memories, laughs and friendship. You'll all be missed. Please don't respond to this email. I won't be logging on again. Bye guys.

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