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Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Caspper Files [GSK's Ghostwriting Machine]

So, what exactly is CASPPER?

CASPPER stands for, Case Study Publications For Peer Review.

The fact that the name is synonymous with a ghost [Casper] is probably just down to high jinks from the Glaxo [SmithKline Beecham] team. It could also be high jinks that the name 'Paxil' could possibly be named after a toxic fungi [Paxillus involutus] although that is just supposition on my part.

Okay, let's dissect Caspper.

The Paxil Product Management launched Caspper, an apparent innovative program that was intended, it appears, to bring to the attention of 'important psychiatrists' by

**Offering assistance in the preparation and publication of case studies and other short communications relevant to the features and benefits of PAXIL.

** Encouraging the timely publication of responses to unbalanced information from competitors.

It appears the goal of Caspper was to benefit the salesforce by expanding the database of published data to support PAXIL. Furthermore, Caspper was also intended to strengthen relationships between the salesforce team [Reps] and 'key physicians and thought leaders in the psychiatric field.'

The objectives of Caspper were to 'strengthen the product positioning and overcome competitive issues.'

Some of the target areas for topic were:

**Anxiety disorders [eg; panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder [OCD]

**Long term use of Paxil

**Use in the elderly

**SSRi use in women

** Successful management of sexual dysfunction

Quite ironic that they should target these particular topics. Long term use of Paxil has always been a grey area, in fact I don't even think GlaxoSmithKline have any answers to what damage prolonged use of Paxil can cause those taking it... if they do, then they are hiding it well.

Use in the elderly - hasn't there been studies that show vulnerability in children and the elderly taking Paxil?

SSRi use in women - Funny they should target this particular area. Here is a snippet from Dr. David Healy's withdrawal protocol JULY 2009 SSRI WITHDRAWAL GUIDE BY DAVID HEALY

"One of the biggest problems of SSRI dependence involves women who are on treatment and unable to stop who wish to become pregnant. Getting off an SSRI at present seems more difficult for women than men, even with the incentive of wishing to become pregnant."

Wasn't Healy the same man GSK targetted many years ago when he first spoke out against SSRi's?

I seem to recall Dr. Alastair Benbow, Head of European Psychiatry for Glaxosmithkline, claim that "Doctor Healy has made the same claims about a range of other medicines. He made the same claims about Prozac, he made the same claims about Prozac, he made the same claims about a range of other SSRIs. On every occasion he has been found to be wrong."

I think it is safe to assume now that Healy was right all along don't you Dr. Benbow?

Caspper continues to explain to the salesforce team that they should encourage physicians to author a paper regarding the benefits of Paxil. With the help of Caspper, it seems, writing a paper was never easier! In fact, Caspper seemed to do everything for the physician:

The full range of editorial assistance that CASPPER can offer contributing physicians is:

**Developing a topic

**Coordinating the editorial review process

**Submitting to the target journal

It even went as far as:

**Copy editing and proofreading

**Production of tables and graphics

** Preparation of the submission package


It seems from this document that the aim was to more or less let Glaxo take control. [GHOSTWRITER]

The closing remarks of the 14 page document sums it all up.

"PAXIL Product Management has budgeted for 50 articles for 2000. Your participation in CASPPER will enable your physicians to add to the literature supporting the use of PAXIL, strengthen your relationships with key physicians and thought leaders in the psychiatric field, and ultimately, help you meet your sales goals."

The document is now hosted online.

Please disseminate.


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