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Friday, August 28, 2009

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part IV

Read Evie Pringle's next installment - 'The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part IV'.

Here's a segment that will have you wondering just who is in control...or rather who wants that control.

Sad Daddies

As part of this overall disease mongering scheme, the Mothers Act campaign has now taken aim at new fathers. All the gals provide links to the "PostpartumMen," website. And in return, PostpartumMen dedicates a whole webpage to promoting the Mothers Act, complete with a link that takes readers directly to the website of Susan Stone's treatment center.

"PostpartumMen is a place for men with concerns about depression, anxiety or other problems with mood after the birth of a child," according to its website.

Dr Will Courtenay runs the site. Courtenay is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and has served on the clinical faculty in the Department of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, and the University of California, San Francisco, Medical School, according to his bio.

"Yes, men do get postpartum depression," he writes on PostpartumMen.

"It's a fact that most people – and even many health professionals – don't know," he claims.

"Depression, anxiety or other problems with mood can occur anytime during the first year of your child's life," he tells men.

"The truth is, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders are common," he states. "In fact, they're just as common – and just as real – as physical problems, like heart disease and diabetes."

"It really pains me to see so many men suffering alone, in silence," Courtenay says on PostpartumMen. "Especially since depression, anxiety and the other mental health problems that afflict us are treatable."

For men, the newly coined disorder is called "paternal postpartum depression," and referred to as "PPND."

"Up to 1 in 4 new dads have PPND," Courtenay tells readers on PostpartumMen. "In the United States alone, that amounts to 2,700 new fathers who become depressed every day."

And as it turns out, Courtenay hosts a total of six websites for men, accessible with live links from PostpartumMen, including one for his "Men's Health Consulting," firm.

In advertising for this firm, he provides a webpage on, "Media Coverage of Dr. Will Courtenay," and posts selective remarks and comments made regarding himself or PPND and men.

For instance, this description of himself was listed as coming from Newsweek: "An expert on why fathers can also become depressed after the birth of a child, and what couples can do about it."

Read the whole article - it will have you uttering profanities under your breath. This is not Hollywood folks - this is real. Pharma are running the show.



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