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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Stalkers Request Information from MHRA

The following are requests under the Freedom of Information and other correspondence made to the MHRA by a couple [could be more] of stalkers who seem to take great delight in wasting the MHRA's time and seem to have a very unhealthy interest in me.

The following are all jpg files. For clarity, all images will be opened FULL screen when clicked on.

More about stalkers and their disdain toward Seroxat campaigners, lawyers and litigants can be found at 'In The Pocket of GlaxoSmithKline' blog [Now removed]

Request for Minutes of MHRA meeting I had on Sept 2nd 2008.
The request was made on the day of the meeting. Also, on the same page, a Freedom of Information request for minutes to the meeting I had with MHRA Communications Director, Simon Gregor on the 15th May 2009. This request was made 3 days after I met with Simon and also appears on the 'Tuesday 1st Correspondence with the MHRA' blog. For those that don't know, 'Tuesday1st' is a name used by Mardi Bennett of the Blackheath area of Colchester, UK. Her blog seems to be a fixation on what I am talking about to the MHRA with various meetings. In fact, I find her blog to be bordering on the obsessive. [Stalker material, but that is just my opinion] You would have to check it out for yourself to draw your own conclusions. [HERE]

Email from MHRA Communications Director, Simon Gregor to person/s whom had wrote him suggesting names that I had put forward for Simon to meet with were in some way connected to Scientologists.

And here is the suggestion that names I put forward for Simon Gregor to meet with were connected with Scientologists.

On the following jpgs, Simon Gregor ia asked a series of questions relating to Dr. David Healy and whether or not the MHRA 'endorse' Dr. Healy's new protocol for SSRi withdrawal [June 09 SSRi withdrawal Protocol]

The following is a strange request. When I met with Simon on the 15th May 2009, I gave him some names of people I thought he should speak to with regard to the patient and public strategy initiative by the MHRA. This person, Mardi Bennett, from the Blackheath area of Colchester, UK has already gone on public record and showed an un-redacted version on her blog

At the top of this jpg Simon Gregor explains how I put her name forward after she had previously sent him an email [included in jpg] asking: "Please can you confirm if Mr Fiddaman proffered details of mine to enable you to contact me and if so, please can you tell me exactly what details he disclosed?"

I merely put her name forward to Simon as someone he may find useful to talk to. Despite this, it seems, Mardi wanted to believe otherwise:

Mardi had previously enquired about my article on the meeting with yet another email to Simon Gregor a day previous: - Once again, an un-redacted version appears on her blog

Here Simon gets a thank you reply with the message: "...being new to the area of the prescription drugs boards you were not to know the history of actions the Seroxat campaigners have do use to protect their fragile litigation - to the detriment opf raising awareness about problems with other drugs in the class."

It is very strange that someone would think this despite evidence to the contrary

JPGS 14 & 15 are extensions of the correspondence [above]

Here the MHRA are sent a 'Blog Review Report' The report highlights another blog authored by Mardi Bennett -

The report also highlights Matt Holford's blog, 'It's Quite An Experience'

Page two of the email regarding the 'blog report' highlights the 'Anti-Fiddaman Blog'

It appears the MHRA have an opinion of who is behind the blog as they have redacted the name for data protection purposes. The email shows blog links that are similar to my blog - whereas my blog is fiddaman.blogspot, this particular blog, the 'Anti-Fiddaman' one, uses bobfiddaman.blogspot.

The last two jpgs refer to a recent post of mine regarding the revised version of David Healy's withdrawal plan. It is a Freedom of Information request. The same request appears on the UK Survivors forum - it was signed and posted by Jeremy Bryce.

I am baffled as to why these two individuals seem to want to put me on a pedastal, further more it astounds me that they have so much time on their hands, time that would be better spent highlighting the dangers of SSRi's.

There are more lucid claims by this duo at 'In The Pocket of GlaxoSmithKline Blog' - be sure to scroll down to see Jeremy Bryce's obvious obsession with me.

It would appear that former Strangford resident Jeremy Bryce and resident of Blackheath, Colchester, Mardi Bennett, are hell-bent on trying to discredit me.

Jeremy Bryce currently denies being behind the 'bobfiddaman.blogspot' blog.

I'm still scratching my head at Mardi Bennett's interest in the current Seroxat litigation - I stopped scratching my head regarding Jeremy sometime ago after a member of his immediate family wrote me suggesting that 'Jeremy was okay whilst on his medication'

I'll never figure out what motivates certain people to do what they do? A sick desire, jealousy, narcissism? Who knows?

Jeremy Bryce now has a fake 'Bob Fiddaman' Twitter account HERE



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