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Monday, August 31, 2009

Pro-Antidepressant Brigade Use Scientology As Their Defence.

It does seem rather odd to me that individuals who appear to promote the use of antidepressants like to label anyone against antidepressants as 'Scientologists'.

It's an old ploy to discredit. Quite why they use Scientology is unknown - to be honest I'd be more offended if they labelled me as a follower of any of the mainstream religions.

I am not even sure if Scientology can be deemed as a religion as such - do they worship a God?

For the record, I'm not affiliated with the Church of Scientology and even if I was would it make my opinion any less valuable than that of a Christian or Muslim?

Evie Pringle's recent series of installments regarding the Mother's Act has shown the lack of defence in the pro-antidepressant brigade. Scream out against the use of antidepressants and the defenders scream back 'SCIENTOLOGIST!'

Imagine years ago if one was to speak out against mind-bending drugs. DON'T LISTEN TO THEM, THEY ARE A CHRISTIAN, A MUSLIM! [delete where applicable]. Ironic really that the aforementioned 'religions' have been the cause of endless bloody wars. This post is not meant as a slur on religion - each to their own. Does a super power exist? I don't know. Do I care? No.

It's absurd and, it seems, the only defence of the pharma whores, because that's what they are.

There are no better critics of antidepressants than those who have taken them and experienced the adverse effects of them. To dispel what this group of people have to say smacks of ignorance and stubbornness. Can you imagine a patient telling his doctor that the drug they are taking is causing diarrhea and the doc telling them that they only think it's the drug when in fact it's probably down to their connections with Scientology!

The pro-antidepressant brigade seem to have cleaned the cobwebs off their broomsticks lately after Evie Pringle's 5 part installment - 'The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign.'

Part 4 of Evie Pringle's series highlights this coven of individuals. Evie refers to them as the 'A Team' and writes:

"In review, the main leaders of the Mothers Act disease mongering campaign include Susan Dowd Stone and Karen Kleiman, two social workers who own treatment centers recruiting customers via their websites, PerinatalPro and Postpartum Stress Center, and who also sell books. The two most prominent "victims" or "human faces" in the campaign are Katherine Stone with the "Postpartum Progress," website and Lauren Hale with a site called "Sharing the Journey."

All the websites follow the lead of a group called, "Pospartum Support International," and parrot the buzz words and phrases invented by the self-interested specialists and experts, such as "women's reproductive mental health," and "pregnancy related mood disorders," and "reproductive psychiatry.""

"The Mothers Act campaign has now taken aim at new fathers", writes Pringle. She continues, "All the gals provide links to the "PostpartumMen," website. And in return, PostpartumMen dedicates a whole webpage to promoting the Mothers Act, complete with a link that takes readers directly to the website of Susan Stone's treatment center."

PostpartumMen is a website for men with concerns about depression, anxiety or other problems with mood after the birth of a child. Oh, if only they were around back in the old days when father's worked their fingers to the bone down some dark shaft digging for coal so he could provide for his family. If only the blackened, tired father, who emerged from exhausting shifts down the pit could have had the opportunity to visit PostpartumMen.

We have come a long way since the days of exhausting shift work down holes where one could barely breathe but in the world of Mental Health it seems they see progress as a chance to promote drugs.

PostpartumMen offers men the chance to see if they have Postpartum Depression [PPND]. Men are invited to participate in a research study conducted by Dr. Will Courtenay. To be honest I was going to take the test and base it on how I felt 23 years ago when I had my first child but I became bored very quickly of the questions and kind of knew where they were leading. One of the True/False questions was eye opening though - "If taking medication to help me be a better father, I'd do that TRUE/FALSE. Dr. Will Courtenay is also the Registrant of and also hosts the following websites, the majority of which are still under construction:

Mens Depression
Helping Men Beat Their Silent Killer

Mens Therapy
Helping Men Overcome The Problems Mixed Messages About Manhood Create

Help for Nice Guys
When Just Being “Nice” Isn’t Working Anymore

Men’s Health Consulting
Promoting Better Health and Welness In Men and Boys

Help For Angry Men
When You’re Ready To Become The Man You Know You Can Be

PPND surfaces again and Courtney claims it, "is a very serious condition," he adds that, "it's also a very treatable condition."

It's hard to decipher whether or not Courtenay advocates the use of antidepressants. One thing, the guy is making money for his services - therapy for father's who are merely experiencing parenthood.

It's a huge spider's web and if one is to be unfortunate enough to become tangled within then expect the big, bad spiders to come and gobble you up. Lucky for them, they have 8 limbs to hold aloft the 'YOU ARE A SCIENTOLOGIST' placards and bite with venom at anyone who dare question their ethics.

Pharma want your children, they want their mother's and now, it seems, they want the very seed of life itself.

Pharma has more cult members than Scientology apparently does and if Pharma was a living entity it would have been executed years ago. Instead, it continues to thrive, it recruits and doctronizes with money and when its disciples are called to task they act in a way that is akin to many of the religious fanatics we see on our daily news bulletins. Scream, "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" and expect those with interests to scream back, "SCIENTOLOGIST". It's the only weapon they have.

My Internet stalker has labelled me a Scientologist, for some reason they think this blog is funded by the Church of Scientology. I wish someone would fund it because I'd be able to pay my bills on time and buy a packet of cigarettes occasionally

Evie Pringle's 5 part installments need to be read from start to finish. She has cast out the line and, it appears, someone has took the bait.

Reel em in Evie.

The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part I

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The Mothers Act Disease Mongering Campaign - Part V

I was tempted to sign off this post as L. Ron Hubbard to give the pharmaceutical whores ammunition to throw back at me. Hey, if people like Joseph Beiderman think they are God then I can play with fiction too, can't I?



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